Kinetic Development Group 3-Slot Kinect M-LOK Picatinny Section (KIN5-100)

Kinetic Development Group 3-Slot Kinect M-LOK Picatinny Section (KIN5-100)

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Specifications of the Kinetic DG Kinect M-LOK QD Rail Section

Length – 1.68”

Uses one M-LOK Section

0.82” Wide

0.41” in Height Over M-LOK rail

0.8 Ounces in Weight


 Overview of the Kinect M-LOK Rail Section

The Kinect M-LOK QD Rail section is a revolutionary leap forward in firearm modularity.  This quick disconnect system allows you to rapidly mount, dismount and/or reconfigure the equipment on your M-LOK handguard.  This product will add a tremendous amount of convenience for those that frequently reconfigure their M-LOK mounted accessories.


Problem Solver

The Kinetic DG Kinect system solves a number of problems.  In addition to being extremely easy to use, it eliminates the possibility of over-tightening your accessories onto your M-LOK rail. 


Easy to Use 

Operation of the Kinect QD rail section is extremely simple and intuitive.  Two spring loaded wedges on the side of the rail section are the only interface needed.  When the Kinect is pressed down into an M-LOK mounting slot, two triggers are activated and pressed against the rail, maneuvering the wedges into place.

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