Knights Armament 7.62mm MAMS Muzzle Brake 5/8″-24 Threads (30598)

Knights Armament 7.62mm MAMS Muzzle Brake 5/8″-24 Threads (30598)

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The Knights Armament MAMS (Multi-Axis Muzzle Stability) muzzle device is the latest and greatest from a premiere company.  This muzzle device functions as a muzzle brake and also minimized flash signature, when compared to other muzzle brakes.


During testing, Knight’s armament found this muzzle device to decrease felt recoil by up to 52%.  Additionally, this brake was designed to maintain a neutral bias, to produce a recoil that goes straight brake, as oppose to having muzzle rise or muzzle dip. 


Muzzle brakes are generally known for producing an impressive fireball of a muzzle flash.  One of the unique aspects of the KAC MAMS is that it reduced flash signature.  The highly efficient design of the MAMS allows it to function as both a muzzle brake while producing only a minimal amount of flash.


The MAMS muzzle brake is designed to accept KAC’s line of QDC sound suppressors.  This combinations allows for fast and convenient mounting and dismounting.


The very front of the MAMS is dedicated to a pronged flash suppressor.  This open tipped flash suppressor piece is reminiscent of the original M16 flash suppressing unit designed by Eugene Stone.  The design is highly effective at limiting light signature.  However, most open pronged flash suppressors produce a distinctive pinging sound when fired.  The sound is produced by the resonating prongs.  The engineers at KAC have develop a way to mitigate this pinging so that no additional noises are added to your shooting experience.  

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