KNS Precision Non-Rotating Trigger & Hammer Pins Gen-2 Mod-2 0.1555″ for AR-15 (NRTHPMOD2-1555-Black)

KNS Precision Non-Rotating Trigger & Hammer Pins Gen-2 Mod-2 0.1555″ for AR-15 (NRTHPMOD2-1555-Black)

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The KNS Precision Gen 2 Mod 2 Trigger & Hammer Pin Set is designed for hard use.  The pins are the strongest that can be produced.  These pins are strong enough to handle full auto fire from 9mm, .223/5.56mm & .308 suppressed rifles.


Made Strong

The KNS precision non-rotating trigger & Hammer pin set are composed primarily from stainless steel.  These pins were made for M16 owners that utilize fully automatic fire often or for semi-auto AR-15 owners that run their carbines card.  One of the primary reasons why you may want to buy this trigger pin set, is because it will protect your receiver.  Civilian transferable registered M16 lowers are essentially irreplaceable.  Regular full-auto fire can wear the trigger & hammer pin holes on your receiver, possible making it beyond repair.  The KNS trigger pins have special anti-creep retainers.  These anti-creep retainers prevent receiver wear on your valuable receiver.



Installation of the KNS pin set is simple.  KNS precision even includes the necessary pin installation tool & 2-Allen wrenches with this package.  Installation does not require any permanent modification to your AR-15/M16.  KNS Precision recommends that you do not torque the screws to more than 11 inch/lbs.  KNS further recommends that you torque the screws to 8 inch/lbs.  


Trigger Pin Size

The trigger pins included in this package have a diameter of 0.1555”.  This size of trigger and hammer pin is developed for receivers that already have some wear on them as well as for new receivers.  The non-rotating design of the KNS trigger/hammer pins prevent further wear from occurring.  When installing the 0.1555” trigger pins on new receivers, the pins will remove some slack or free play in match triggers.



These trigger pins are designed for new AR-15/M16 receivers, or for receivers with slight wear on them.  This trigger pins set will not fit rifles equipped with the Jewell Trigger System. 


If you utilize a Rock River National Match trigger, KNS recommends that you only use this 0.1555” diameter pin set.

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