Lancer Systems Large Frame AR .308/7.62x51mm L7-AWM 20rd Translucent Smoke Advanced Warfighter Magazine AR10 L7-20-SMK

Lancer Systems Large Frame AR .308/7.62x51mm L7-AWM 20rd Translucent Smoke Advanced Warfighter Magazine AR10 L7-20-SMK

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  • 20 round capacity
  • Translucent smoke polymer
  • Integrated stainless steel components
  • Compatible with SR25, DPMS 308, LaRue OBR, Sig 716, etc.
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Switchable floor plate drain plug
  • Made, assembled, designed, and tooled in the United States of America.

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Overview of the L7 .308/7.62 20 Round Magazine

  • After having great success with their .223/5.56 L5 series magazines, Lancer Systems began to shift their focus to the large .308/7.62x51mm chambered platforms. In keeping with the new industry standard, these magazines are designed to fit the SR25, DPMS 308, Sig 716, LM308, any may more rifle with the same magazine dimensions.

Features of the Lancer L7 AWM Magazine

  • Just like the Lancer L5 Magazines, the Lancer L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine features a hybrid construction. The design of this magazine incorporates the use of both polymer and steel to take advantage of the strengths of both materials. The magazine body is composed of a durable, impact and chemical resistant polymer. The polymer magazine body has texturing molded into it to aid in mag retention when things may otherwise get slippery. The polymer construction of the mag body allows for several color options including a translucent smoke. The base plate is also made of polymer and is designed in a way that makes the base plate easily removable. This is remarkably handy during cleaning and maintenance procedures. Polymer feed lips have long been a concern of many. Although polymer feed lips can prove to be extremely strong, many prefer steel feed lips for added assurance. The L7 series magazines from Lancer are designed with stainless steel rear feed lips that integrate into the polymer mag body to give you the best of both worlds. These steel feed lips make certain that this magazine will have a long service life and will provide you with smooth feeding. In addition to the feed lips, the magazine was engineered with another stainless steel component. In the front of the magazine, the designed have included a molded in stainless steel guard. This guard provides additional rigidity and durability to ensure that this magazine will handle high volume shooting. 
  • On the inside of the magazine, you will find an anti-tilt follower. This freely travels up and down the straight internal geometry of the magazine. The follower is provided upward force by a stainless steel magazine spring. Stainless steel was chosen as the spring material for its corrosion resistance and long service life. 
  • As an added feature, the L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine has a drain hole integrated into the base plate. This drain hole can be plug, so that when operating in sandy or dusty environment, no external debris will enter your magazine. However, in marine environments, you can open the drain hole to allow for water to more easily escape, should you have to submerge your rifle in the water at some point.

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