LanTac Enhanced AR-15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group .223/5.56x45mm NiB Coated E-BCG

LanTac Enhanced AR-15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group .223/5.56x45mm NiB Coated E-BCG

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  • The bolt carrier group is one of the most vital components of your AR-15.  It serves an irreplaceable function and can have an significant affect on the function of your rifle.  Although not often discussed, there can be several differences in the design and materials used in different BCG’s.  The LanTac E-BCG is superior to other bolt carrier groups on the market is just about every way imaginable.
  • For starters, the LanTac E-BCG has a full mass, full auto, M16 profile.  What this mean is that this bolt carrier ground has more mass than the standard AR-15, semi-auto bolt carrier groups.  One of the benefits of this is the fact that you will have an increased lock time.  This means that since the E-BCG has more mass, it will take slightly longer for it to move after the primer has been struck in the firing process.  Less movement means a more rigid platform for your bullet to be fired from, which can lead to an increase in accuracy.  In addition to increased lock time, the extra mass of the LanTac E-BCG has another added benefit.  This extra benefit is increased reliability.  The extra mass of the enhanced bolt carrier group means that it has more momentum.  This extra momentum means that the BCG is more likely to power through dirt and grit to strip off another round form your mag and keep running.
  • The Bolt carrier ground is machined from 8620 steel.  This is a very high quality steel that is commonly used is other applications, such as gearing, axles, tools, etc.  The LanTac bolt is machined from carpenter 158 steel.  This steel is strong, and more durable than the steel that other, inferior bolts are made of.  To ensure consistency and a long  service life, the LanTac bolts are shot peened and magnetically particle inspected.
  • To increase easy of cleaning and to improve the lubricity of the material, the entire LanTac Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group has been subject to an electroless nickel boron coating.  This coating has a friction coefficient of 0.02, making it very slick and more resistant to wear and corrosion.  In addition to the increased lubricity, the NiB coating has a surface hardness of 82-85 Rockewll C. 
  • The side facing gas ports, which vent excess gas feature a different design than traditional AR-15 BCG’s.  The gas ports are forward facing and are re-sized compared to a standard bolt carrier group.  The reason for this redesign is to try to give you a smoother running, flatter shooting rifle. 
  • Another unique feature of the LanTac Enhanced BCG, is the flared section at the tail end of the carrier.  This was an intentional design that was done with the purpose of better locking the BCG into position for increase consistency.
  • Perhaps the most unique feature of the LanTac E-BCG is the domed cam pin.  This cam pin is machined from 17-4PH stainless steel.  The cam pin in a traditional AR-15/M16 bolt carrier group is known to be source of high friction.  The domed cam pin from LanTac does alleviate this issue.

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