LanTac UAR Billet Upper Advanced Receiver for AR-15 (Includes Domed Head Cam Pin) Black LA00221

LanTac UAR Billet Upper Advanced Receiver for AR-15 (Includes Domed Head Cam Pin) Black LA00221

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  • The LanTac UAR is a next generation AR-15 upper receiver with many unique features that make this product one of the most revolution AR-15 parts on the market today.
  • The most notable innovation utilized in this upper receiver is the patent pending SMOOTHCAM system.  What separated this cam pin for a standard AR-15 cam pin is that it has a domed head.  This domed cam pin, combined with a special upper receiver make for a reduction in friction, meaning that your rifle will operate smoothly.
  • LanTac finishes these UAR upper with a unique process.  The UAR uppers are precision machines with a special burnished bore.  The reason why they do this is to give the upper a compacted internal surface with a roughness average 2-4x smoother than standard milled upper receivers.  This affects you as a shooter by offering you reduced friction and smoother operation.
  • To ensure that this upper has the maximum accuracy potential the barrel extension surface, bore and barrel nut threads are all machined in a single operation.  This is done to decrease the chance of error and to give you perfectly concentric and perpendicular surfaces to mount your barrel to.
  • The cam pin and cam pin recess area are known to be an area of high friction in the AR-15.  For this reason LanTac has redesigned these to components to offer a lower friction alternative.  The cam pin recess was re-engineered to have a smooth surface that flows into the main reciprocation channel.  This provides an optimal surface for the LanTac domed cam pin and together they make for a minimum of internal wear.
  • The proprietary domed cam pin from LanTac has no moving parts, which means there are no extra parts to break or malfunction.  The cam pin is machined from 17-4 stainless steel and hardened to H900.  The domed head of this unique cam pin is polished to a smooth finish to prevent any uneven wear.  The unique structure of this cam pin allows it to operate in a completely different position than a traditional cam pin.  The radius of the head curves away from the receivers internal surface compared to a traditional setup where the cam pin would have a hard or sharp edge on it upper corner, which can cause excessive wear.
  • The LanTac UAR includes a CP-R360 domed head polished cam pin.


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