LaserLyte .223/5.56x45mm Laser Training Cartridge (LT-223)

LaserLyte .223/5.56x45mm Laser Training Cartridge (LT-223)


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Compatible with .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm NATO chambered Firearms

Firing pin activated laser

Uses 3x 377 batteries (included)

Battery life ~3,000 shots


Firearms training can be expensive and inconvenient.  Having to pay for ammo and go to the range is something that many people often skip instead of dedicating themselves to and getting better.  However, with this new laser cartridge, you are able to get your practice in safely at a drastically reduced cost.


The LaserLyte LT-223 is a dedicated laser cartridge that is designed to fit in the chamber of your .223/5.56mm rifle.  The cartridge will “fire” a laser when the rear section is struck by a firing pin.  This allows you to track where you projectile would have hit without having to actually firing a bullet.  This device can drastically improve your dry fire practice sessions by providing you with an objective account of where your shot would have hit.


Not having objective feedback during dry fire practice is one of the biggest limitations of dry fire.  With having the absolute knowledge of where your shot hit, it is easy to convince yourself that you are better than you are.  However, with this laser cartridge, you now have the ability to accurately and objectively track where your round would have hit.  This gives you real world feedback that you can then use to make changes and improve your skills.


This .223 laser cartridge has a built in protect snap cap that cushions the firing pin on impact.  It is also held in place, in the chamber by O-rings.  The cartridge does not have an extract rim.  This allows you to work the action without having to worry about accidentally ejecting the cartridge.  With this feature, you can also work on malfunction drills.

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