Laserlyte 9mm Trainer Pistol Cartridge (LT-9)

Laserlyte 9mm Trainer Pistol Cartridge (LT-9)


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  • Consistent training is needed to maintain your skill with a pistol.  This can get costly and be inconvenient with having to buy ammunition and travel to and from the shooting range.  The LaserLyte training cartridge solves these problems.  With the trainer pistol cartridge, you can practice almost anywhere with the 9mm pistol of your choice.  Also, this trainer laser will last for thousand upon thousands of shots without wearing out. After a few days or weeks of price, the amount of ammunition you save will have paid for this product.  Essentially, after you buy this product, you can have a lifetime of training for the cost of swapping out batteries every 3000 shots.
  • This laser cartridge install in seconds and fits snugly into you barrel chamber.  This unit will work regardless of barrel length and will not stick out of the end of your barrel, thereby allowing you to practice from out of your holster.  When the cartridge is struck by the firing pin, it will activate a laser for 100 milliseconds, allowing you to see the “hit”.
  • The laserlyte trainer cartridge has a rimless design, so it will not be extracted and ejected by racking the slide. This allows you to incorporate “tap, rack, ready/bang” drills and other drills without having to worry about replacing the cartridge.  The rear of the training cartridge presents with a hardened rubber plunger.  The firing pin hits this to activate the laser.  This plunger also acts as a pseudo snap-cap for your firing pin, protecting it from any damage due to dry fire. 
  • The trainer cartridge uses three 377 batteries, which will allow for approximately 3,000 shots
  • Check out the video below to additional information on the operation of this product.  Although the video shows the .380 ACP version, the product sold on this page is the 9mm version, but they still possess the same basic operation.



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