LBE Unlimited AR-15 Low Profile Gas Block 0.750″ Diameter (ARLPGB)

LBE Unlimited AR-15 Low Profile Gas Block 0.750″ Diameter (ARLPGB)


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The AR-15 utilizes a direct impingement gas system in order to operate the action.  What this means is the gas system is a vital component to your AR-15 and the gas block is of particular important.  This is one of reason why you want a high quality gas block, such as this option from LBE Unlimited.



The LBE low profile gas block is machined from 4142 steel.  This is a very durable material that is well suited to be utilized in a gas block.  The steel will be able to handle the high pressures and temperatures that a gas block can be subjected to in an aggressive firing schedule.


Low Profile

The LBE Unlimited gas block has a low profile.  This low profile allows the gas block to remain tucked underneath an aftermarket rail system.  This low profile design also makes for minimal weight to help keep your rifle no heavier than it needs to be.


Mounting System

This gas block uses a set screw style mounting system.  The gas block has two set screws on the bottom of the block.  Once you have slid the gas block into the proper position on your barrel, you can tighten these set screws to ensure that your gas block maintains the proper position. 


Gas Block Size

This AR-15 low profile gas block is designed to be installed on an AR-15 barrel with a 0.750” gas block step.  This is the standard size gas block diameter for the mass majority of AR-15 barrels.  If you an AR-15 outfitted with a thin, “pencil” barrel, or a thicker, “bull” barrel, you may need a different sized gas block.



For a basic tutorial on how to install an AR-15 low profile gas block, you can view the video below.


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