Leapers/UTG PRO 4/15 15″ Super Slim AR-15 HandGuard (MTU019SS)

Leapers/UTG PRO 4/15 15″ Super Slim AR-15 HandGuard (MTU019SS)


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Leapers/UTG are offering a very well priced and high quality AR-15 hand guard.  This hand guard is 15” in length and comes in at only 13.4 ounces (rail only).  This rail system has several key features that make it very attractive for the price.


This hand guard was designed to be comfortable to shoot.  With this in mind, the engineers opted to make the hand guard with a narrow diameter.  The hand guard has a diameter of 1.65”.  This is considerably less than some other hand guards on the market.   The slim profile on this rail allows the shooter to get a very firm and secure grip on the hand guard, increasing shooter confidence.


In addition to the slim profile of this AR-15 rail system, the hand guard also has some other useful features.  For instance, the hand guard is free floating.  This means that the hand guard does not contact the barrel.  By avoiding barrel contact, the hand guard does not interfere with barrel harmonics.  Non-free floating hand guards can interfere with barrel harmonics, which can have a negative affect on accuracy.


This hand guard is modular and can be outfitted to integrate your choice of accessories.  The hand guard has a full length Picatinny rail at the twelve o’clock position.  In addition to this, the UTG Pro 15” hand guard also has proprietary mounting points at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.  These mounting slots can accept 3 (included) 2-slot rail sections.  This will allow you to attach your Picatinny compatible accessories to this rail system.


This hand guard system has anti-rotation tabs to ensure easy mounting and a rock solid lock-up.  This hand guard system is designed to be used on standard AR-15 upper receivers with a standard gas impingement system.  This hand guard is not guaranteed to be compatible with a gas piston rifle.  

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