LUCID L5 4-16x44mm Cross Over Optic Rifle Scope (L-41644-L5)

LUCID L5 4-16x44mm Cross Over Optic Rifle Scope (L-41644-L5)

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Lucid is known for making high quality combat optics. However, they have now expanded their expertise to a line of scopes for the precision hunter. The Lucid L5 4-16x44mm Cross Over Optic is developed on the same frame as it’s bigger brother, the 6-24x50mm L5.



The desire to build a scope aimed toward the hunting market came from within the Lucid Company. Several of the employees are active in bench rest shooting, as well as big game hunting. With this wealth of personal experience, the team knew that several of the scope on the market left out features needed for the big game hunter. Seeing this gap in the market, the team at Lucid decided to develop the cross over optic. This new Lucid Cross Over Optic was developed to give you the best the best features and advances in long range precision optics and then simplifying and scaling down the scope to make it ideal for the big game hunter.


L5 Reticle

The Lucid L5 Cross Over Optic takes advantage of the new L5 reticle. The L5 reticle helps to increase the capabilities of the shooter by having clearly defined and visible MOA stadia. These markings greatly help to give you a more precise hold position to let your quickly and accurately engage your target.

The L5 reticle is set in the second plane of the scope. The allows the shooter to visualize the entire reticle while decreasing magnification to get a wider field of view.



The Lucid L5 4-16x44mm scope has an impressive list of specifications that you would normally expect to find on a much more expensive scope. The scope is primarily housed in a one piece aluminum main body tube. The main tube is 30mm in diameter, to allow as much light as possible to travel through the scope. This helps to increase the brightness and clarity of the image through your lens. Further enhancing the light transmission is a large 44mm objective lens. This large front lends allows the scope to gather a large amount of light to give you a bright image.

The L5 Cross Over Optic was made to be durable enough to survive rugged big game hunters. With this in mind, Lucid has sealed the L5 Optic to make is water submersible. In addition to this, the scope is also purged with nitrogen. The helps to prevent fogging up of the lenses. The scope was also built durable enough to handle the punishing shock of a .338 Lapua rifle recoil.

The scope has a parallax adjustment knob that can be set from 15 yards to an infinite distance. The windage and elevation turrets allow you to make changes in 1/8 MOA increments. The turrets give you 50 MOA of adjustable elevation and windage range.

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