LWRC UCIW Ultra-Compact Individual Weapon AR-15 Stock Kit Black (200-0092A01)

LWRC UCIW Ultra-Compact Individual Weapon AR-15 Stock Kit Black (200-0092A01)

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  • This stock system was made to give your AR-15 a shorter overall length.  This stock may be desirable for those working in executive protection, working in vehicles, or those that have to maneuver around tight spaces, such as in a home, ship, or other confined space.  The LWRC Ultra Compact Stock shorted the overall length of your AR-15 by a full inch, as comparted to a standard AR-15. 
  • This LWRC stock system includes everything you need for installation.  In this kit, you will receive the stock, a receiver extension (buffer tube), index plate, buffer, recoil spring, and a castle nut.  Due to the shortened length, these components are designed to work together.  These components are not interchangeable with standard Ar-15 components
  • This kit can be installed on any AR-15/M16/M4 weapon system.
  • The stock included in this package is light weight and has an integrated QD sling attachment point for easy attachment of your sling. 
  • The buttpad on this stock has been rubberized.  This helps to absorb impact and also serves to increase the traction with your shoulder, thereby making an anti-slip surface.  This helps to keep the stock in your shoulder when firing and prevent slippage.
  • The stock can be adjusted to 4 different length of pull positions.  

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