Lancer Advanced WarFighter Magazine L5-AWM .223/5.56x45mm AR-15 30rd Translucent Smoke (999-000-2320-01)

Lancer Advanced WarFighter Magazine L5-AWM .223/5.56x45mm AR-15 30rd Translucent Smoke (999-000-2320-01)

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The Lancer L5 AWM AR-15 magazine was designed to be the best AR-15 magazine available on the market. The Lancer AR-15 mag utilizes a hybrid polymer and steel construction. This allows the magazine to have the best of both worlds.



The Lancer L5 AWM has steel feed lips. The steel used for the feedlips is hardened to ensure that it can handle hard use. The feed lips on an AR-15 are a crucial part of the design. Damage to the feed lips can quickly incapacitate an AR-15 magazine. This is why Lancer elected to use steel for this vital part of the design. The steel feedlips are very robust and able to handle intense situations without deforming, causing malfunctions or otherwise causing issues.


Polymer Mag Body

The main body of the magazine is formed from impact resistant polymer. The polymer used for this magazine is extremely durable and will not dent under any typical circumstances.


The polymer used in this magazine is translucent and has a smoked color. This translucent nature of this magazine lets you easily visually confirm the status of your ammunition. You will instantly known how full your magazine is with a quickly glance.


The polymer body of this magazine allows for some interesting and convenient features. Since polymer is easily moldable, several complex and ornate designed can be easily introduce. Lancer took advantage of this fact and designed an aggressive surface onto the body of this magazine. This aggressive surface decreases the chance of slippage and helps to ensure that you get a good hold of your magazine.


The polymer construction also allows this magazine to be extremely light weight while also being very durable.


The polymer used in this magazine has been subject to several tests to ensure that it is capable of performing in several areas. The polymer, as well as all the other material used in this magazine have been subject to corrosion and chemical testing to ensure that they remain capable. All of the material used in the Lancer mag have passed military chemical testing, which includes exposure to DEET. All in all, this is an extremely durable polymer magazine.



The Lancer L5 AWM uses a polymer follower. The follow has been specially designed to prevent tilting to ensure ultimate reliability. The polymer follower glides very smoothly and effortlessly against the polymer mag body. This is due to the self lubricating properties of polymer. This smooth gliding increases reliability and helps to ensure that the magazine spring is able to devote all of its pressure to feeding the rounds into the rifle and not fighting friction.

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