MagPod 3-Pack Monopod Base Plate for Magpul M2 PMAG Black (88661)

MagPod 3-Pack Monopod Base Plate for Magpul M2 PMAG Black (88661)

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The MagPod is a unique new product that is designed to allow you to get the most our of your Magpul M2 PMAGs.  The Mag-Pod is easy to install & replaces your existing base plate.  This device has several functions that make it an exceptional product!


This package comes with three (3) MagPods.  Magpul PMAG magazines are sold separately.



The Mag-Pod was designed to be compatible with one of the most popular AR-15 magazines on the market, the Magpul M2 PMAG.   The Mag-Pod base plates can be installed on Gen 2 MOE or older Magpul PMAG magazines in .223/5.56x45mm in the 30 or 20 round capacity.


A Durable Design

The MagPod was designed to be able to keep up with the durable and reliable PMAGs.  With this in mind, the designers choose to use a lightweight and extremely durable material for the Mag-Pod.  The base plate is made from an extremely resilient 15% glass reinforced PA6 nylon material, a material well known for its resistance to impact. 



The primary benefit of the Mag-Pod is that it can be used to increase the stability of your rifle when shooting from the prone position, or off of a platform. The unique pad at the bottom of the base plate gives your rifle a firm and stable surface.  This pad can be used as an effective monopod, thereby allowing you to increase the stability of your shot.  The stability gained by using the Mag-Pod is substantially better when compared to using a regular AR-15 magazine.  The wider footprint of the MagPod gives you a much firmer and more stable surface to monopod your rifle from.  Many reviewers have been surprised by the enhanced stability offer by the MagPod.


Additional Features

The Mag-Pod is not a one trick pony and can help in other areas as well.  For instance the front base plate features 8 hemi-spherical indentations.  These indentations can be used as an identifier for your magazines.  You can easily code your magazines by coloring in a number of the circles.  This will allow you to easily track your magazines.


The enhanced base pad can also make magazine extraction easier.  The added material can give you an additional surface to grab when pulling your magazine out of it’s pouch.  This can be particularly useful for the deep magazine pouches found on some chest rigs.



The MagPod is super easy to install on your PMAG.  All you need to do is remove your existing base plate and the MagPod slides into place just like your original base plate.  

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