Maglula AR-15 Magazine Loader .223/5.56x45mm Lula Loader (LU10B)

Maglula AR-15 Magazine Loader .223/5.56x45mm Lula Loader (LU10B)

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The Lula Loader From Maglula Is Designed To Make Loading Your AR-15 Magazines Simple An Easy For Anyone.  In Addition To This, The AR-15 Lula Loader Also Helps To Prolong The Life Of Your Magazine And Helps To Keep Your Thumbs Healthy!


A Must For Any Range Bag

The Maglula AR-15 magazine loader truly is a convenient product for any and every AR-15 owner.  Once you start using one, you will wonder how you went without it.  The loader is extremely small and lightweight.  It is so small, that it can fit in most pockets.  The Lula loader is made from a durable, impact resistant polymer that keeps it light weight, durable and corrosion resistant.   If you are a regular shooter, this AR-15 mag loader will save a lot of wear and tear on your thumbs, as well as your AR-15 magazines!



The Maglula AR-15 magazine loader was designed to work with all metal and plastic .223/5.56x45mm AR-15 compatible magazines.  This includes the popular Magpul PMAGs, as well as other magazine such as USGI magazines, and AR-15 magazines made from Lancer, Thermold, H&K, etc.  Please note that this loaded was intended only to load magazines designed for the .223/5.56x45mm cartridge.  Although not originally intended, this AR-15 magazine loader MAY also load SOME magazines intended for the 6.8mm SPC & 6.5mm Grendel rounds.


Benefits for your magazine

The Maglula AR-15 mag loader is a great way to easily load your magazines.  However, the benefits of this product don’t just end there.  This loader can also prolong the life of your magazine as well.  One of the ways it does this is be reducing the wear placed on the feedlips.  The AR-15 lula loader allows you to load your rounds by bypassing the feed-lips.  By avoiding placing stress on this delicate area, you can enhance the service life of your mags.

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