Magpul 10-Round AK-47 MOE PMAG 7.62x39mm (MAG657-BLK)

Magpul 10-Round AK-47 MOE PMAG 7.62x39mm (MAG657-BLK)

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This 10-Round magazine is essentially the little brother to the full size 30-Round AK MOE PMAG 30. This PMAG has features that are consistent with the rest of the PMAG line of magazines and are just as reliable, durable and cost effective as all Magpul PMAGs.



The PMAG 10 AK/AKM MOE is designed to hold 10 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition. The magazine is designed to be used in Kalashnikov patterned rifles that are chambered in 7.62x39mm. This includes the AK-47, AKM, AKS, Sig556R, as well as many other rifles are are designed to used standard AK-47 magazines.


10-Round Capacity

The 10-round capacity of this magazine make it legal in all 50-states. This, of course means that we will be happy to ship this magazine to the residents of California, New York, Colorado, New Jeresy, and other locations that do not allow standard capacity magazines. However, in addition to being 10 state legal, there are other advantages to this magazine. Due to the low profile of this magazine, it makes for an extremely tight package when inserted in your AK rifle. Due to the magazine not excessively protruding from the bottom of your rifle, you will be afforded more storage options with your magazine inserted into the rifle. For those that have occupations that may require moving in and out of tight spaces, such as cars, the reduced profile of this magazine will make it easier to maneuver with snagging. Also, the 10-round magazine can also be useful for the recreational shooter. The original, 30-round magazine for the AK make it difficult to shoot from the prone position or off of a shooting bench. This is because of the clearance needed for the magazine. Since the 10-round mag has a drastically reduced clearance, it is much easier to attain a prone or bench rest position so that you do not have to monopod off of your magazine. This can make for a more stable shooting position


Polymer Construction

This magazine is primarily composed of polymer. The magazine body, follower, lock plate and base plate are all made from 100% polymer. The polymer used in this magazine is impact and corrosion resistant. This polymer also has several advantages of the traditional steel magazines. Compared to steel, the polymer is significantly lighter. In addition to this, polymer is much less likely to deform when compared to steel which can dent and bend. Also, polymer is extremely inexpensive and allows this magazine to come in at a low sale price.


Mag Spring

The spring used in this magazine is made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is extremely corrosion resistant, making this magazine suitable for marine and other corrosion prone environments. In addition to its corrosion resistant properties, stainless steel is also a very good spring material. The stainless spring provides a firm, upward pressure against the follower help facilitate smooth feeding in your AK-47 type rifle. The stainless spring is heavy duty and will provide you with a long, reliable service life.


External Features

The outside of the PMAG 10 AK has several useful features. The magazine features ribbing on the front and back of the magazine. This helps to ensure a solid gripping surface to reduce the possibility of slipping or otherwise mishandling your magazine during manipulations. The magazine also the new paint pen matrix that was introduced with Magpul’s M3 line of PMAGs. This dot matrix allows you to easily mark your magazines for any identification purposes.   

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