Magpul MOE AK-47/74 Fixed Stock (MAG616-BLK) Black

Magpul MOE AK-47/74 Fixed Stock (MAG616-BLK) Black

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Main Features of the Magpul AK MOE Stock


  • Primarily Polymer Construction
  • 12.5 Ounces
  • ~12.8” Length of Pull
  • Compatible With Most Stamped receiver AK-47/74 Rifles
  • Reinforced A-Frame Construction




The Magpul AK stock is designed to be compatible with AK-47/AKM/AK-74 patterned rifles with a stamped receiver and a fixed stock with single tang trunnion.  While the MOE AK stock will fit into most applications without issue, due to the variable specifications of different manufactured AK’s, your particular application may require minor fitting.  Please note that, due to the difference in the trunnion tang, this Magpul stock is not compatible with Chinese Norinco Type 56S/MAK-90 rifles.




The Magpul MOE AK stock has the same wedge block design as seen on the Zhukov-S Magpul AK Stock.  This wedge block provides a sturdy mounting surface for the stock, giving it a solid feel. 


Enhanced Shooter Comfort


The Magpul AK stock was designed from the ground up to be comfortable for the shooter.  Starting at the back of the stock, the read butt plate has a rubber butt pad.  This rubber padding enhances shock absorption and also provides an increased traction surface.  This rubber surface helps to prevent the stock from sliding off your shoulder when firing. 


The Magpul MOE AK stock was engineered to be able to adapt to different situations.  This stock is able to accept optional cheek risers.  These cheek risers will allow you to set up your AK so that you can get an appropriate cheek weld and sight picture when using certain optics.


Convenient Features


The MOE Magpul AK Stock has several features that make thing easier for you.  For instance, the stock has an integrated internal storage compartment.  This storage compartment is designed to fit factory AK cleaning kits.


Another handy features is the rolled toe on the butt plate of the stock.  This rolled toe makes shoulder to shoulder transitions much easier.  It allow for greater clearance so that you are less likely to snag the toe of the stock when transitioning.


The stock has an A-Frame design.  This design style has several benefits.  For one, it reinforces the stock and ensures that this stock will be able to put up with a great amount of force.  The A-Frame design also reduces the chances of getting your stock snagged on a piece of equipment.  


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