Magpul ASAP (Ambi Sling Attachment Point) AR-15 End Plate (MAG500-BLK)

Magpul ASAP (Ambi Sling Attachment Point) AR-15 End Plate (MAG500-BLK)

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Overview of the Magpul ASAP End Plate

The Magpul ASAP ambidextrous end plate is designed as an ambidextrous rear sling mounting location.  Due to it’s innovative design, it is equally adapted for left or right handed shooters.  Also, it Is equally adapted for shoulder to shoulder transitions.


Innovative Design

The ASAP Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point has an innovative solution mounting your sling, as opposed to a rigid sling loop or static QD cup placement, the ASAP end plate has a dynamic link system.  The link that is used to clip your sling into allows or a range of motion that is greater than 180 degrees.  This allows the sling to move with the shooter and offers a true ambidextrous solution to left or right handed shooters.



This sling end plate is designed as a direct replacement for the end plate on your AR-15.  This end plate will work with carbine rifle stocks with either mil-spec or commercial spec buffer tubes.  The end plate is not compatible with the A1/A2 fixed stocks, as well as several other similarly mounted stock.  An example of stock stocks that are not compatible with the Magpul ASAP include the Magpul PRS, UBR, and MOE Fixed Rifle Stock.



The end plate will mount to the rear portion of any standard AR-15 receiver.  The link interface of the ASAP sling plate is designed to accept hook style attachments.  These attachments include HK hooks, MASH hooks and the Magpul paraclip


Made Magpul Tough

The ASAP end plate is made from a precision cast steel that has a black manganese phosphatized coating.  This coating gives the ASAP it’s black color and increased wear and corrosion resistance.   The ASAP has been extensively tested.  It is a proven design that has withstood over 300-pounds of force during stress testing.



  • Compatible with AR-15 carbine receiver extension tubes
  • Compatible with both commercial-Spec and Mil-Spec buffer tubes
  • NOT compatible with A1/A2 fixed stocks, as well as Magpul PRS, UBR and MOE Fixed Rifle Stock
  • Designed to work with snap hook style sling attachments, such as the Magpul Paraclip, HK hooks, MASH hooks and others
  • Offers greater than 180 degrees of motion, allowing for the use of both left and right hand shooters and facilitating shoulder to shoulder transitions
  • Durable welded construction
  • Manganese phosphate finish
  • Has passed previous stress tests of over 300 pounds of force

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