Magpul Gen 2 MBUS Back-Up Front Sight Black MAG247-BLK

Magpul Gen 2 MBUS Back-Up Front Sight Black MAG247-BLK

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The Magpul MBUS Series Of Rail Mounted Front Sights Are A Great Low Cost Option For Those Looking For Back-Up Sights.  They Flip-Up At The Press Of A Button And Are Extremely Durable And Resilient With Their Polymer Construction.


Polymer Based

If Magpul does one thing well, it is polymer.  Magpul has changed the firearms industry with their myriad of polymer AR-15, AK, shotgun and other firearms accessories.  The special polymer that they have formulated has proven itself on the battlefield to be extremely durable and able to withstand hard use.  The polymer used in these Picatinny sights is no different.  The Magpul MBUS polymer sight have been tested against several other sights, including metal ones, and proven to stand among the best.  The polymer gives you several advantages.  As you can see above, the price of these sights is able to be kept extremely low. It is much more cost effective to mold sights from polymer as opposed to machine them from steel or aluminum.  Additionally, the polymer construction also allows these sights to remain extremely lightweight, coming in at 1.2 ounces for this front sight.



The Magpul Front MBUS sight is perfectly suited for your carbine or rifle.  The Magpul front sight has an integrate mounted base that is compatible with MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny style mounting rails.  The front sight can be securely attached to your rail by properly adjusting the side mounted screw.  Once mounted sight front sight is easy to utilize.  When not in use, the sight neatly folds away into a compact package that is only 0.51” above the rail and 2.6” long in the folded position.  When you need your front sight in a hurry, is quickly stand up at attention when you activate the release lever by pressing the side or the top of the lever.  When in the deployed position, the MBUS front sight is held in place by a detent that will keep the sight zeroed under recoil.  The front sight houses a standard A2 style front sight post.  The front sight poste is protected by two protective wings, located on either side of the post.  When the MBUS front sight is installed on an AR-15 upper receiver height rail, it will give you the same height over bore as a standard A1 front iron sight.  This gives you the capability to utilize this front sight with any other standard height rear sight, including the Magpul MBUS rear sight.  The front sight post can be adjusted with the included front sight adjustment tool.  The front post can also be adjust with most aftermarket A2 front sight tools as well.



Although Polymer construction of this front sight has many benefits, it does come with some caution.  The polymer used in this front sight is not capable of withstanding the extreme heat associated with AR-15 gas blocks.  For this reason, it is advised that you do not mount this front sight to a railed gas block.


Also, please note that, to be compatible with a standard height rear sight, this front sight must be mounted on a Picatinny rail that is the same height as the rail on an AR-15/M16 flat top upper receiver.  For this reason, this sight is not compatible with Magpul MOE hand guards.  

Primary Features of the Magpul MBUS Front Sight

  • Low Cost Back-Up “Iron” Sight (BUIS)
  • Made of durable injection molded polymer
  • Adjustable for elevation
  • Compatible with most 1913 Mil-Spec Picatinny Rails
  • Designed primarily for AR-15/M16/M4
  • Light weight
  • Spring loaded flip-up sight goes into action at the press of a button
  • Provides same height over bore as standard A2 style AR-15/M16 sights
  • Protective polymer wings shield front sight post from damage
  • Elevation adjustment tool is included
  • Most aftermarket front sight adjustment tools will work with this unit
  • Can NOT be mounted on railed gas blocks due to excessive heat
  • Must be mounted on railed hand guard with rail on same plane as the upper receiver rail

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