Magpul Coyote Brown MS4 Gen 2 Dual QD 1 or 2 Point Sling (MAG518-COY)

Magpul Coyote Brown MS4 Gen 2 Dual QD 1 or 2 Point Sling (MAG518-COY)

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The New Magpul MS4 Generation 2 sling was designed to be able to quickly adapt to a single point or two point configuration. The dual QD sling swivels allow you to quickly and easily attach this sling to your rifle. The nylon and hardware used for this sling are high grade and designed to last.


Dual QD Design

The MS4 G2 sling was designed with dual QD sling swivels. Since QD sling sockets are essentially an industry standard sling mount, this allows you to quickly mount your sling to the wide variety of QD sling cups that are available from Magpul, as well as other manufacturers. The QD sling swivels provide an secure mounting point that is also simple to disengage when needed. Also, since the sling has QD swivels, you can easily transfer this sling between multiple rifles, So, you have the potential to buy only one sling and transfer it between rifles, instead of buying multiple slings.



The main benefit of the MS4 sling is that it can be easily converted between single point and 2-point configurations. This is very advantageous for several reasons. For instance, if you only want to buy one sling, but are unsure if you prefer single or 2-point configuration, the MS4 fits the bill. Additionally, if you are regularly in a situation that calls for the transition between single and two-point configurations, the MS4 can easily accomplish this task.



The Coyote Brown MS4 Gen2 sling makes use of a newly designed slider. The slider allows you to rapidly change the length of your sling with the use of only one hand. The slider is also very low profile to minimize bulk and mitigate any potential snag hazards.



The MS4 uses a very durable 1.25” diameter nylon webbing to make up the sling. The webbing has also been increased in length compared to the previous generation. This allows the sling to be used in a greater variety of situations, such as when wearing heavy armor and/or other bulky equipment. The webbing has also undergone a Near Infrared treatment. This helps to reduce the IR signature of the sling.

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