Magpul Carbine Stock CTR (Compact Type Restricted) Mil-Spec Diameter Black (MAG310-BLK)

Magpul Carbine Stock CTR (Compact Type Restricted) Mil-Spec Diameter Black (MAG310-BLK)

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Features of the Magpul Carbine Stock

  • Compatible with Mil-Spec Diameter buffer tube
  • Drop in replacement carbine stock for AR-15 carbines
  • Designed for fast, light, quick action
  • Slick and streamlined A-frame design prevents snagging and protects release locking tab from damage during drops and accidental activation
  • Come with Magpul’s supplemental friction lock. This takes up the slack between the stock and the buffer tube, preventing stock wobble/rattle, giving your rifle a quality feel
  • Ambidextrous mounting point for included QD sling cup
  • Comes with 0.30 inch butt pad. This butt pad provides impact resistance and prevents your shoulder from slipping off the stock when firing
  • Sloping cheek weld area for enhanced shooting comfort
  • Chrome silicone spring is used for a long service life of the locking release tab
  • Side mounted accessory slots will accept optional cheek risers for non-AR-15 usage
  • Additional sling mounting options with 1.5 inch and 1.25 in sling loops are rear and under side of the stock
  • Integrated lanyard hold for paracord slings and other accessories

Carbine/Type Restricted (CTR) Magpul Stock

The Magpul Carbine Stock CTR is one of Magpul’s best selling AR-15 style stocks.  And, this is for good reason.  It does everything you need it to, looks, good, and comes in at a very competitive price.  Let’s take a little deeper look into the details of this AR-15 stock.

The CTR stock is great no frills, all business stock primarily designed for use on the AR-15.  Although it is primarily meant for the AR-15, this stock is also an excellent choice if you have an Ar-15 stock adapter on your AK, shotgun or other firearm.  With optional cheek risers and an enhanced recoil pad, the CTR is able to adapt to a multitude of platforms

Since polymer is the primary material used in this stock, it is able to offer several features that may be beneficial.  The polymer offer excellent strength and durability while maintaining a very lightweight.  The design of the CTR lends itself to light and fast action.  The A-Frame design was purposefully chosen to minimize the chance of your stock accidentally snagging onto something at the most inopportune of times. The A-Frame also protects the release latch from accidental activation.  The design of this AR-15 stock also incorporates several options for attach a sling to it.  The CTR features a ambidextrous QD cup for mounting a sling.  The AR-15 stock also has two slots for running sling webbing through it.  And, there is even a lanyard hole for those running a Para cord style sling.

The Magpul CTR stock features Magpul Friction Lock.  This friction lock is really a great addition to this stock.  The lock ensures that any excess space between the stock and buffer tube is mitigated.  This makes the stock feel absolutely rock solid, similar to a fixed stock.  To activate, the friction lock only requires a firm squeeze.  And, to deactivate the lock, you just simply press the release latch, which will also allow you to change the length of pull of the stock.  The Magpul CTR also comes with a rubber butt pad. This rubber bud pad will absorb some recoil, but it’s primary purpose is to provide an enhanced gripping surface to ensure that once you stock is in place on your shoulder, it stays there.Òhtl

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