Magpul D60 AR-15 60-Round Drum Magazine (MAG576-BLK)

Magpul D60 AR-15 60-Round Drum Magazine (MAG576-BLK)

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 Magpul D60 Drum Magazine Main Features

  • 60-Round Capacity of .223/5.56x45mm Ammunition
  • Compatible with AR-15/M4 rifles
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Primarily Polymer construction
  • Round count window (10, 30, and 60-Round indication)
  • Will Seat on a closed bolt
  • Bolt Hold Open Capability
  • Able to Be loaded with Stripper Clips
  • Easy to use loading assist lever
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance
  • Replaceable tower


Overview of the Magpul 60-Round Drum

The Magpul D-60 Drum magazine is an innovative product.  It utilizes a snaking interior design.  This design allows the Magpul drum magazine to hold the maximum number of rounds while taking up only a minimal amount of space.  The design of the Magpul D60 is actually so efficient that it is actually shorter from top to bottom than a standard Magpul PMAG 30.


Design Features of the Magpul D60

The D60 uses a top loading design.  This avoids having to mess around with winding a spring, like other drum magazines, such as Romanian AK drum.  The determent of top loading high capacity magazines is that they are generally tough to load.  However, Magpul has incorporated a solution to this problem.  The Magpul D60 has a loading assist lever at the top of the drum.  The loading assist lever acts to give you slack from the spring.  When the loading lever is depressed, it ratchets down the follower and loaded rounds.  This makes room for another round to be easily dropped into the top of the magazine.  In addition to this, the magazine also has a spring loaded feedlip, that allows round to easily slip in.  This movable feedlip also allows you to rapidly unload the drum, should you require the need to do so.  This could come in handy when you are packing up from the range or get done shooting a match.


The Magpul D60 drum magazine incorporates some of the design cues from other M3 PMAGs.  For instance, the rear of the magazine features a round indication window, similar to the MagLevel found on other Magpul magazines.  Although this round indication window does not have the same functionality as the traditional MagLevel, it does have indicators for 10, 30 and 60 rounds, giving you a better estimate of how many rounds of fun you have left.  Also on the rear of the D60, Magpul has integrated their paint pen marking matrix.  This marking matrix allows you to easily and cleanly mark your drum for easy identification.


Like most Magpul products, this PMAG is primarily made from polymer.  Since polymer is the primary material, the D-60 is relatively light weight for a drum magazine.  It is also impact resistant.   The magazine is relatively simple to disassemble for any cleaning or maintenance you may have to do.


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