Magpul Flat Dark Earth MOE AK HandGuard (MAG619-FDE)

Magpul Flat Dark Earth MOE AK HandGuard (MAG619-FDE)

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Specifications for the Magpul MOE AK HandGuard

7.8 Ounces in Weight w/ Top Cover

7.8” Maximum Length

1.8” in Width

1.9” in Height w/o Top Cover

Compatible with Stamped Receiver AK-47/74/AKM Rifles


Overview of the Magpul MOE AK HandGuard

When Magpul first got in the firearms industry, their primary focus was on the AR-15.  Now that AK patterned rifles have increased their market share, Magpul is paying much more attention to the Kalashnikov rifle.  Magpul now offers a full line of AK furniture, as well as a polymer AK magazine.  This AK MOE handguard is Magpul’s entry level front end furniture for the AK-47/74


Primary Features

The Magpul MOE AK stock has many integrated features that make it a great choice to buy for your AK.  This Handguard takes advantage of Magpul’s new M-LOK accessory mounting system.  The handguard has M-LOK accessory mounting slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.  These mounting slots allow you to quickly and easily mount your accessories, such as fore grips, lights, lasers, etc. 


Like many Magpul products, this handguard is primarily constructed from polymer.  The polymer used in this handguard is made to be tough.  It is reinforced for increase durability and heat resistant.


To prevent excessive heat issues, the MOE AK handguard has an integrated heat shield.  The heat shield is formed from a black oxide coated stainless steel that will last for a long time.  The heat shield helps to protect your polymer furniture from the hot barrel and also prevents the handguard from heating up too quickly, which would otherwise make it difficult to hold on to.


The Magpul MOE AK hand guard is able to accept factory cleaning rods.



The MOE AK Handguard was designed as a replacement for the standard furniture found on AK-47/74/AKM Rifles.  This kit was engineered to utilize the existing handguard retaining cap without a sling loop.  In the event that your retaining cap has an integrated sling loop, the MOE handguard can be used IF the sling loop is removed. 


The MOE AK furniture is designed to fit most AK-47/74/AKM style rifles.  However, due to the wide variance in specifications and tolerances used by the various AK manufacturers, fitting this handguard on your particular rifle may require some minor fitting.


Please note that this handguard is not compatible with Yugo pattern rifles.


The MOE HandGuard is compatible with the UltiMAK Optics Mount Top Cover


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