Magpul Flat Dark Earth MOE AR-15 Grip MAG415-FDE

Magpul Flat Dark Earth MOE AR-15 Grip MAG415-FDE

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The Magpul MOE AR-15 pistol grip is designed as a drop in upgraded grip to replace your standard AR-15/M4/M16 grip.  The MOE grip offers an increase in comfort, as well as other desirable features when compared to the standard AR-15 grip.  All mounting hardware is included in the package with your grip.


Grip Enhancement

The Magpul MOE grip has improved up the standard A2 style grip that is commonly found on most AR platform rifles.  The team that designed the Magpul MOE grip started with its general shape.  The MOE grip offer more girth than a standard grip.  This helps to fill up your hands so that your fingers do not have to curl in as much.  This allows you to remain more relaxed through your hand so that you can have more dexterity in your trigger finger to get your shots off.



Another area of difference in the MOE grip is the texturing.  The MOE grip feature a few different types of texturing on various places of the grip.  The side panels of the grip feature an irregular pattern to help provide an increased traction surface.  In addition to this, both the front and back straps on the grip feature aggressive ribbing.  This ribbing helps to ensure that you have a firm, slip-resistant grip on your rifle to prevent a loss of control. 



The Magpul MOE AR-15 grip has an integrated storage compartment.  The bottom of the grip is covered by a removable door.  When this door is removed, it reveals a cavity in which you can store small items.  For a more formalized storage space, Magpul also offers customized storage cores.  These storage cores give you organized methods to store specific items.



The Magpul MOE grip is made from a very durable, reinforced polymer.  This polymer allows the grip to be extremely durable while also remaining light in weight, at just 2.8 ounces, including the hardware.

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