Magpul Gray M-LOK HandStop Kit (MAG608-GRY)

Magpul Gray M-LOK HandStop Kit (MAG608-GRY)

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Magpul M-LOK HandStop Kit Included Components

M-LOK HandStop

M-LOK Index Panel

M-LOK Rail Cover Type 2

M-LOK HandStop MOE Adapter


Overview of the Magpul M-LOK HandStop

The Magpul M-LOK HandStop kit is designed to be compatible with M-LOK handguards and provides you with a firm index point for improved weapon control.  Additionally, this handstop can also prevent the shooters hand from reaching too far forward and potentially putting their hand in front of the muzzle or touching a hot barrel.  Due to the multiple components, you are able to configure the kit that best compliments your style.



The HandStop kit is able to be used for a variety of functions.  In addition to providing hand support, it can also act as a barricade brace.  By pressing the hand stop into a barrier, you can increase your stability to produce a more stable sight picture.


Positive Grip

The gripping panels included in the kit feature Magpul’s TSP anti-slip texturing.  This help to ensure that you get a firm grip on your rifle without causing excessive abrasion.   



For Magpul M-LOK installation instructions, please CLICK HERE.


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