Magpul Ladder Rail Panel Cover Black MAG013-BLK

Magpul Ladder Rail Panel Cover Black MAG013-BLK

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Picatinny Rails Are Very Versatile And Allow You A Great Amount Of Flexibility In Where You Can Mount Your Accessories.  However, When These Rails Are Not In Use, They Can Present A Few Challenges.  For Instance, You May Want To Cover You Picatinny Rails So That They Are Better Protected From Impact During Hard Use, And Maybe Something To Soften Up The Corners A Bit So That Your Rail Is More Comfortable To Hold Onto.  This Is The Issue That Magpul Sought To Solve With This Product.  The Magpul Ladder Rail Panel Does A Great Job At Accomplishing These Tasks and at A Low Price!


Made for Hard Use

The Magpul Ladder Rail Panels are formed from Santoprene.  This material gives you a softer, rubber like surface to wrap your rails in.  This semi-rigid material allows you to easily snap it into place.  It will also hold firmly onto your rail, so you don’t have to worry about it falling offer.  The soft Santoprene gives your rail some protection. This rubber like material can help to absorb some impact if your rail comes into contact with another hard object.  Additionally, the Santoprene gives you a slip resistant surface to help you better control your rifle.  One of the benefits of Santoprene is that is can be easily cut.  This allows you to easily size this ladder so that you can get the exact right size you need to fill in the gaps between your Picatinny mounted accessories. 


Included In This Package

This package includes one Magpul Ladder Rail Panel section.  The section will cover 18 slots, which is approximately the amount needed to cover one full side of an AR-15 carbine length rail.  

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