Magpul M3 AK-47 Steel Reinforced PMAG 30 7.62x39mm AK/AKM Magazine (MAG573-BLK)

Magpul M3 AK-47 Steel Reinforced PMAG 30 7.62x39mm AK/AKM Magazine (MAG573-BLK)

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As Magpul has grown by leaps & bounds, they have expanded their focus from primarily the AR-15 to other platforms as well.  Magpul has recently released a variety of products for the AK.   This included the Magpul MOE AK PMAG.  While the MOE AK PMAG is an excellent magazine, it is not quite as durable as some AK-47 shooters require.  This is why Magpul has developed the M3 AK PMAG.  The main difference with the M3 AK PMAG is that it features metal reinforced locking lugs.  This metal reinforcement helps to ensure the durability of the AK magazine, making it suitable for hard use.


Steel Lugs

The biggest standout feature of the new Magpul AK PMAG is the addition for front and rear steel locking lugs.  The front and rear lugs are an area of great concern for AK enthusiasts.  This is because, due to the design of the AK magazines and magazine latching mechanism, these lugs can be put under an immense amount of pressure that these lugs can be under in certain situations. A common method of testing the locking lugs is to do the famous, AK push-up.  While the MOE AK PMAGs have proven themselves and being durable, the added steel reinforcements of the M3 AK PMAG definitely give the user a greater amount of confidence and will undoubtedly improve the durability of the magazine.



The PMAG 30 AK/AKM M3 is a lightweight an inexpensive box magazine designed for 7.62x39mm Kalashnikov patterned rifles.  This magazine carries with it several of the updated M3 PMAG features.  One of these features is the new slim line base plate.  The base plate on this magazine is relatively streamlined without much flare to it.  This allows you to stack multiple magazine together without the floor plates causing clearance issues.  Additionally, the floor plates are easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance tasks.  To remove the floor plates, you only need to depress the locking plate with a tip of a cartridge and then slide the base plate off.  You can then remove the locking plate, spring and follower. 


Marking Matrix

Another one of the M3 PMAG features found in this magazine is the paint pen dot matrix.  The dot matrix panel is found on the lower portion of the magazine body of both sides of the magazine.  This dot matrix gives you the space and ability to easily mark your magazines.  You can easily mark your initials on one side of the magazine, and then mark the number of the magazine on the other side.  This will allow you to identify you magazine from someone else’s and will give you the ability to track your magazine if you rotate them.


Polymer Construction

The Magpul AK PMAG also uses a next generation polymer formula.  The polymer used in this magazine was specifically chosen due to its resistance to impact and crushing forces.  The polymer has been tested via drop test as well as extreme temperature tests.  The polymer composition of this magazine gives it several advantages over other traditional steel AK magazines.  One of the most notable differences between this magazine and a steel AK-47 magazine is the weight difference.  The polymer construction of this magazine saves a lot of weight when compared to a steel mag.  This can add up to a substantial difference if you are carrying multiple magazine in a chest rig or other device.  Another advantage of the polymer construction is that these magazine are very resilient.  While a steel magazine may deform under pressure, these polymer PMAGs are more likely to retain their shape, thereby enhancing reliability.  In addition to these advantages, the polymer construction also allows these magazine to be available for a very low price.


Enhanced Traction

The M3 PMAGs from Magpul have also changed their exterior design slightly.  One of the new additions to the M3 magazines is the addition of ribbed gripping surfaces.  This ribbing can be found on the front and rear spine of the magazine.  This ribbing helps to increase the traction when gripping the mag, helping to prevent slippage.


High-Reliability Follower

One of Magpul’s first highly successful products was their high-reliability anti-tilt follower.  This follower helped to increase the reliability of standard AR-15/M16 magazines.  Magpul has continued their trend of having impeccably engineered followers.  This M3 AK PMAG features a high reliability follower.   The follower is made from polymer.  This polymer construction allows the follower to smoothly glide along the inner surface of the magazine.  The polymer on polymer surface is very low friction, making for smooth and reliable feeding.  Combined with the constant curve geometry of the the magazine body, the follower is able provide excellent constant pressure to ensure proper feeding.


922r Compliance

Depending on the origin and components of your AK-47 rifle, 922r compliance may be a concern for you.  This magazine is manufactured in the United States.  Also, three components of this magazine are on the 922r part list.  So, this magazine can count as three US made parts toward your 922r compliance.


Magazine Spring

The spring used in this magazine is made from stainless steel.  Stainless steel is an excellent spring material and will give you a long service life before requiring replacement.  In addition to this, stainless steel has another advantage over other spring materials, such as chrome silicon.  Stainless steel is extremely corrosion resistant.  This will help to prevent rushing and degeneration of your spring.  This is particularly useful if you operative in marine environments or live in a wetter climate area.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the M3 AK PMAG made of?

This magazine is largely made from polymer.  It also features stainless steel locking lugs at both the front and back of the magazine for reinforcement to increase the durability of the magazine.

Where is this magazine made?

This magazine is proudly made in the United States.


Does this magazine count toward 922r compliance?

Yes.  Since all of the components in this magazine are manufactured in the United States, the magazine body, follower and base plate do not count as imported parts.


What is the difference between the M3 AK PMAG and the PMAG 30 AK MOE?

The MOE AK PMAG is entirely made from polymer.  This magazine has stainless steel from and rear locking lugs.


Will this magazine fit my AK rifle?

This magazine is designed to be compatible with Kalashnikov patterned AK-47/AKM/AKM and other similar rifles, or rifles that take AK patterned magazines that are chambered in 7.62x39mm


Is this magazine legal in my state?

Various states in the US have magazine restriction laws.  For an updated list of magazine laws in the United States, please check the State Restrictions on Magazine Document.


Will you ship this magazine outside of the United States?

No, due to ITAR regulations, we are not able to export this or any other item that we sell.


Is this magazine available in other colors?

Yes, there is a Magpul sand coloration of this magazine.  It is subject to availability.


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