Magpul M3 Sand PMAG 30 w/ Window .223/5.56 AR-15 Magazine (MAG556-SND)

Magpul M3 Sand PMAG 30 w/ Window .223/5.56 AR-15 Magazine (MAG556-SND)

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New Sand Color

Magpul is finally rolling out their new color for the their PMAG line of magazines.  Ever since the evolution to the M3 PMAGs, customers have sent in requests for Magpul to continue their color variations, as they had with their M2 MOE PMAGs.  The innovative team at Magpul has finally answered this request and also gone above and beyond.


New Material

This new sand color is actually the byproduct of Magpul moving to a new polymer formulation.  While researching improvements in polymer they happened upon a next generation material that was substantially stronger and more resilient than their previously used polymer.  This new material happened to naturally have a light, sand like color.  And, so was born the new Magpul sand coloration



Although Magpul had previously offered their M2 PMAGs in multiple colors, including black, foliage green, flat dark earth and OD green, Magpul will now only be offering M3 PMAGs in Black and Sand colors.  The another immensely useful feature of the new sand color is that it is very receptive to taking on dyes. RIT Dye is a popular water based dye that is readily available from Walmart and other retailers.  This dye is available is several color and can be used very effectively to give you a customized PMAG color.  With some time and effort, you can customize your PMAG in any color configuration you can imagine.  The process is very simple and can be done in a relatively short period of time.


MagLevel Window

This PMAG features a viewing window on both sides of the magazine.  There magazine spring has a colored coil to allow for a consistent reference.  This set up allows you to keep track of how many rounds you have left in your magazine. 


M3 Enhancements

The Magpul M3 PMAGs have had several upgrades when compared to the older, M2 models.  Starting from the bottom, the M3 PMAGs have a small, more streamlined base plate.  These smaller base plates still allow you to get a good grip on the magazine, but, due to their slimmer profile, are more conducive to stacking.  This makes putting multiple PMAGs in a 2 or 3 deep magazine pouch much easier.


The Gen 3 PMAGs also have a rear mounted over-travel stop.  Although not a common occurrence with AR-15 carbines, magazine over-insertion can happen, there the magazine skips over the magazine catch and is over inserted into the rifle.   This will cause a malfunction.  By having the over-insertion stop, the PMAG negates this issue from ever occurring. 


For easier magazine marking and identification, Magpul has come up with an innovative solution.  At the bottom portion of the magazine body, Magpul has designed in a paint pen marking matrix.  This marking matrix makes is easy and convenient to mark your magazines so that they don’t get mixed up with others.

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