Magpul MagLink PMAG Coupler for M2 & M3 (MAG595-BLK)

Magpul MagLink PMAG Coupler for M2 & M3 (MAG595-BLK)

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The Magpul MagLink is designed as a PMAG coupler.  This coupler gives you the ability to semi-permanently attach two PMAGs together for easier ammunition transportation, and faster mag changes.  Made by Magpul, this coupler is top notch and made to work with your PMAGs!



The Magpul MagLink is designed to work with Magpul AR-15 .223/5.56x45mm magazines.  It will work with both M2 & M3 generations is both 30 & 40 round capacities.  The MagLink is not designed to work with USGI magazines or AR-15 magazines manufactured by companies other than Magpul.  The MagLink is not compatible with first generation PMAGs.  This PMAG coupler is also not compatible with 10 or 20 round PMAGs or other non-AR-15 specific pmags, including the EMAG, PMAG 30G, or the AUS PMAGs.



The PMAG coupler is primarily made from a impact resistant and extremely durable polymer.  The Maglink has a 2-piece designed that splits in two.  The Maglink applies tension to the PMAGs by clamping them from the front and rear spine of the magazine.  The MagLink is held together by a centrally located set of bolts.



The MagLink has integral grooves.  These grooves interface with the ribbing that is located on PMAGs.  This allows for the reduction of slippage to ensure a sturdy grip. 

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