Magpul MBUS PRO Steel Rear Sight MAG276

Magpul MBUS PRO Steel Rear Sight MAG276

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Magpul is well known for producing some of the finest and most durable polymer products on the market.  One such product that they are known for making is their MBUS polymer Picatinny mounted sights.  Although these sights serve as excellent back-up iron sights, some users wanted more.  Magpul has now decided to offer a steel BUIS for those wanting a more durable sighting solution.


The Steel Advantage

Although the polymer MBUS sights from Magpul are extremely well made and perform at a high lever, there are certain things that polymer just cannot do.  Since this Magpul MBUS Pro rear sight is formed from steel, it possesses a few advantages. For instance, the steel construction of the MBUS PRO allows this rear sight to have a much smaller profile.  This sight, when in the stowed position raises on 0.37” above the rail and has a stowed length of 2.1”.   This makes for a significantly more compact package the the polymer back-up sights.  This decreased profile can allow for greater flexibility with optic and other Picatinny accessory compatibility.


Optimized for the AR-15

This rear sight was primarily developed for use on the AR-15, however, it can be utilized on any firearm with Picatinny rail space.  The MBUS Pro rear sight, when mounted on an AR-15 flat top upper receiver will rest at the standard sight height for AR-15/M16 rifles.  This standard height allows you to use this front sight with a standard A2 front sight block, as well as another other standard height front sights, including the Magpul MBUS Pro front sight.



One of the goals with manufacturing this steel sight was to produce a more durable rear sight option.  This Magpul rear sight is made from an extremely strong case hardened steel.  The steel is finished with a Melonite QPQ process.  This finishing process gives the rear sight its black color and also enhances the metals resistance to wear and corrosion.


When the MBUS Pro rear is deployed, it is held in place by a positive locking detent.  This detent is strong enough to resist recoil and ensure that a proper zero is maintained during firing.  However, when the sight is not needed, it can easily be flipped down into the storage position.  This rear sight is adjustable for windage.  These windage adjustment does not require the use of a tool and can be accomplished by using the adjustment knob on the side of the sight.  

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