Magpul MOE Plum AK (AK47/74) Grip MAG523-PLM

Magpul MOE Plum AK (AK47/74) Grip MAG523-PLM

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Look Out AK World Magpul Is Coming Through!  Magpul Has Noticed The Market Shifting More Towards The AK Platform And Has Embraced The Kalashnikov Rifle.  One Of Their Products For The AK-47/74 Rifle Is This Magpul MOE Grip.  This Grip Is Designed As A Drop-In Replacement That Has A Numerous Amount Of Benefits Of The Standard AK Grips.



The Magpul MOE AK Grip was made to be able to be compatible with a wide variety of AK-47/74 style rifles.  This grip was designed to be able to fit on both milled & stamped receivers, both with and without grip reinforcement plates.  However, due to the numerous amount of manufacturers with varying specifications & tolerances some minor custom fitting may be require for this grip to fit your particular application.


Enhanced Ergonomics

The Magpul Original Equipment AK Grip was designed to be more comfortable than the standard AK grips.  Additionally, this grip was designed to be easier to hold onto.  Both the front and the back strap of the grip features aggressive ribbing.  This ribbing gives you a positive gripping surface that will prevent slippage, giving you better control over your rifle.  Also, on the sides of the grip, Magpul as integrated its TSP texture.  This trapezoidal surface projection texture helps to stick the grip to your hand, giving you better control over your rifle in a wide range of environments.



A very useful features incorporated into the Magpul AK grip is the fact that it has an internal storage compartment.  The base of the grip has a removable plate that allows you to store small items inside the grip.  Further, Magpul offers other grip storage cores that allow you to have a more customized storage solution.


Specifications of the AK Grip

This grip is made from high grade polymer.  Magpul is well known for their polymer products and has developed a polymer formulation that is extremely impact resistant and durable.  This polymer construction allows this grip to be lightweight, coming it at just 2.9 ounces, including the hardware.  The Magpul AK grip has a maximum height of 4.1” and a maximum thickness of 1.2”


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