Magpul FDE MOE Carbine AR-15 Stock Mil-Spec Flat Dark Earth MAG400-FDE

Magpul FDE MOE Carbine AR-15 Stock Mil-Spec Flat Dark Earth MAG400-FDE

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Overview of the Magpul FDE MOE Carbine Stock

  • The Magpul MOE Carbine stock is one of the most popular products that Magpul sells.  Reason being is that it is a quintessential Magpul product in that it is fully function with no frills and comes in at a great sale price!

Advanced Features

  • The Magpul FDE MOE Carbine stock is design to be a simple drop in replacement stock that will fit on your Mil-Spec diameter adjustable carbine buffer tube.  Installation is as simple as sliding your old stock off and slipping this one on.  Once you have installed this stock onto your AR-15, you will notice that is very lightweight and minimalist in nature.  The stock comes in at a weight of 0.50 pounds, making this one of the lightest adjustable stocks on the market.  Although lightweight in nature, this stock does still pack a few features that most users find useful.  First off the design used for this Magpul stock mas purposefully engineered to give you the most out of a light weight stock.  When you shoulder your rifle with this new stock installed, you will notice that the stock has an enhanced cheek weld surface.  On the top portion of the stock, where most standard stock has a rounded contour, the Magpul MOE stock has a slopped surface. This sloped surface increases the surface area available to your cheek making for a nice, comfortable cheek rest position.  The a-frame design of the stock ensures that it is able to withstand hard use.  This a-frame structure allows to stock to avoid potential snagging situations where a piece of clothing or equipment will now slide free instead of getting caught on a sharp edge of the stock. The a-frame structure also provides some protection to the locking release latch, a it acts as a barrier, should you accidently drop your rifle. 

Included Accesssories

  • Included with this package is a 0.30” rubber butt pad.  This rubber butt pad is designed to fill multiple needs.  Primarily, it acts as an anti-slip surface.  When you shoulder your rifle with this stock, the rubber butt pad will help to grab onto your clothing and prevent unwanted movement.  In addition to this, the rubber butt pad can also act as an impact absorbed, in the event that you drop your rifle.

Multiple Applications

  • The Magpul MOE stock was designed to not only work with AR-15 rifle, but it is also engineered to work with non-AR-15 applications.  The MOE stock is able to accept optional cheek risers pieces that raise the height of the cheek weld surface. These cheek riser pieces are not able to be used in AR-15 applications, as they will interfere with the charging handle.  However, if you have an AK style rifle with an AR-15 buffer tube installed on it, this may stock may be what you are looking for.

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