Magpul MOE 5-Slot Polymer Rail Section for MOE HandGuard MAG406-BLK

Magpul MOE 5-Slot Polymer Rail Section for MOE HandGuard MAG406-BLK

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When the Magpul MOE accessory slot attachment system made it’s debut with the Magpul Masada (now bushmaster ACR) is was seen as the next evolution in weapon modularity. 


The MOE slot system is markedly different than the older Picatinny style of attachment.  The Picatinny rail system add a lot of weight and bulk to handguards, as you essentially have to add something to the system (handguard).  In contrast, the MOE slot system is a negative space mounting system.  What this means is that you start with a blank slate and then remove material.  This negative space mounting system allows for lighter handguards and less bulk.


The MOE rail sections, such as this 5-slot polymer rail allow you to attach rail where you need it.  This has a much appreciated advantage over the previous full time quad rails.  While the quad rail of old did allow you a lot of flexibility in regards to where you could mount your accessories, it came at the expense of size and weight.  This 5-slot MOE rail section can easily be attached and moved on your Magpul MOE handguard exactly where you need and when you need it.  This allows you to attach only the amount of rail were you need and avoid have a full on quad rail.


This rail section allows you to attach a wide variety of Picatinny compatible accessories to your MOE handguard.  With this polymer rail section, you can now attach Picatinny light mounts, vertical grips, lasers, etc.


This MOE Picatinny conversion section is made from a reinforced composite material.  The injection molded polymer used in its construction is extremely strong and durable while remaining lightweight and cost effective.  The Picatinny rail section was designed to be as user friendly as possible.  This is evident in Magpul’s attention to detail, as they round the edges of the Picatinny railing to decrease snagging and to decrease potential injury to the user.


The MOE rail section comes with all of the necessary hardware needed to mount it to your MOE handguard or forend.  If you are mounting it to an alternate application, further hardware may be necessary.


This rail section is a L2, which means that it has 5 Picatinny slot in it.  The railing has an overall length of 2.5”.  The mounting screw holes in the rail section have a center to center distance of 1.2”

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