Magpul MOE-K2+ AR-15 Grip Black MAG532-BLK

Magpul MOE-K2+ AR-15 Grip Black MAG532-BLK

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The Magpul MOE K2+ Grip is a pistol grip designed as a drop-in replacement for your AR-15. The main features of the K2+ grip included an aggressive gripping angle, as well as a rubber over molding of the polymer base. In addition to this, the grip also has a storage area that can be accessed at the base of the grip. The storage are is compatible with the various Magpul storage cores to give you more flexible storage options.


Increased Comfort

The rubberized gripping surface of this AR-15 pistol grip makes it significantly more comfortable than full polymer grips. This increase in comfort is particularly noticeable on days when you are at the range for a long period of time and doing a lot of shooting. The pliability of the rubber is essentially akin to walking around in a nice squishy shoe, versus walking bare foot on concrete. The little bit of rubber that is on the grip really goes a long way to increase the comfort.


Better Traction

The rubber allows the K2+ to have some give and not be so abrasive on your hand. However, the rubber over molding also acts to increase the traction of the grip by acting as a slip resistant surface. This increase in traction is particularly noticeable when your hands are wet from rain sweat, or anything else.


Aggressive Grip Angle

The single feature that sets this grip apart from other AR-15 grip available from Magpul is the grip angle. The MOE-K2+ has a more aggressive grip angle than a typical AR-15 grip. By more aggressive, I mean that the grip is more vertical and has less of a rake. Magpul designed the grip this way because they had a special purpose in mind for this grip. The grip angle used for the K2+ was chosen because it is more comfortable for use in PDW type weapons. For instance, if you have your AR-15 set up with a Troy PDW stock or other shortened length of pull stock, a normal AR-15 grip can get pretty uncomfortable. This is because with a short stock and a typical AR-15 grip angle, your wrist is forced into a pretty extreme position, requiring you to be pretty flexible. The altered angle of the K2+ grip allows it so that with a shortened, PDW type stock, your wrist isn’t forced into such an extreme position.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does this package include the grip screw and washer?

Yes. This package includes all of the hardware necessary to mount it to your AR-15.


Is the grip compatible with my rifle?

This grip is designed to be installed onto any AR-15 lower receiver. The grip is optimized for usage with a stock that has a shortened length of pull, however you can use this grip with any stock.


Will this grip fit on my AR-10/SR25 .308 AR Style rifle?

Yes, this grip will mount onto this style of rifle. However, depending on the manufacturer, there may be a gap between the “beavertail” and the lower receiver. This gap is cosmetic and does not affect the function of the grip.

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