Magpul MOE+ Grip for AR-15 w/ Storage Black MAG416-BLK

Magpul MOE+ Grip for AR-15 w/ Storage Black MAG416-BLK

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Overview of the Magpul MOE+ Grip

  • Optimized for comfort with rubberized wrap around overmolding. Also enhances grip traction
  • Drop in replacement pistol grip fits standard AR-15/M4/M16 Lower receivers
  • Hard polymer bottom edge reduces snagging or grip damage possibilities
  • Compatible with optional grip storage cores
  • All necessary mounting hardware included
  • Integrated beaver tail


Rugged Comfort

The Magpul MOE+ Grip is designed to fit on your AR-15 lower receiver.  The MOE+ grip has a rugged, durable polymer body construction.  The difference with the MOE+ Grip is that it also has a wrap-around rubber over-molding.  This rubber molding has several benefits for the shooter.  When compared to a grip made from 100% polymer, the rubber over-mold of the MOE+ is significantly more comfortable.  The comfort of the MOE+ grip becomes very apparent during long days on the range.  In addition to being more comfortable, the rubber over-molding can gives give you a more positive grip.  The rubber has a somewhat tacky feel that helps to grab onto your hands and glove.  This can give you more confidence and gives you greater control over your rifle.



The Magpul MOE+ grip has an integrated storage compartment.  This storage compartment can be accessed at the bottom of the grip.  The MOE+ grip comes with a basic grip cap that will provide a door that will allow you to store small objects loosely within the grip.  However, Magpul also offers grip storage cores for more customized gear storage.



This Magpul pistol grip is designed as a drop is replacement for the AR-15/M16/M4. 


This grip will also function properly with large frame, .308/7.62x51mm AR-10/SR25 style rifles.  However, depending on your particular .308 AR style rifle, there may be a gap between the “beaver tail” and the rear portion of the receiver.  This gap will not affect the function of the grip but will only affect the aesthetics of your rifle. 


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