Magpul MOE+ AR-15 Grip w/ Storage Flat Dark Earth MAG416-FDE

Magpul MOE+ AR-15 Grip w/ Storage Flat Dark Earth MAG416-FDE

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The Magpul MOE+ Grip Is One Of The Premiere AR-15 Grips From Magpul.  This Grip Combines The Best Of Both Worlds.  The MOE+ Has A Reinforced Polymer Frame That Provides A Rugged And Durable Base.  An Over-Mold Is Then Applied To The Polymer Base, Resulting In A Comfortable Rubberize Gripping Surface.  Further This Grip Also Gives You Storage Options. 



This pistol grip is designed as a drop-in replacement grip for your AR-15/M16/M4.  This grip will be able to be installed on your AR-15 carbine without additional fitting required.  This grip will also fit on various large-frame, .308/7.62mm AR-style rifles, including the AR-10/SR25.  However, when installing this grip onto a large-frame AR, there may be a gap between the beaver-tail of the MOE+ grip and the receiver of the rifle. This gap is purely cosmetic in nature and will not affect the function of the grip. Magpul does also offer a MIAD grip better suited for the AR-10/SR25, if that will better suit your requirements


Durable Yet Comfortable

When designing the FDE MOE+ Grip, one of the objects was to make the grip as comfortable as possible while retaining reliability an durability.  The way that the engineering team accomplished this was to use a dual material construction.  The MOE+ is based on a polymer core. The polymer core provides rigidity and a solid foundation for the grip, allowing it to be durable enough for hard use.  The polymer core is then covered in a wrap-around rubber over-molding.  This rubber over-mold offers a softer gripping surface that is more comfortable and less fatiguing to the shooter.  To prevent damage to the rubber over-molding Magpul made  a specific design consideration.  The bottom edge of the MOE+ grip has a hard polymer lip on it.  This polymer lip prevents the rubber over-mold from becoming detached from the polymer frame and also helps to prevent snagging.  By taking both comfort and durability into consideration, Magpul was able to produce a great product that has received excellent reviews.


Storage Options

The base of the MOE+ grip is covered by a removable door that clicks into place.  This door allows you to store small items along with your AR-15, right where you need them.  Additionally, Magpul offers other storage options.  Magpul has a line of storage cores that allow for more organized and streamline storage of specific components.  


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