Magpul Coyote Brown MS3 Gen 2 Paraclip Multi Mission 1 or 2 Point Sling (MAG514-COY)

Magpul Coyote Brown MS3 Gen 2 Paraclip Multi Mission 1 or 2 Point Sling (MAG514-COY)

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The Magpul line of Multi-Mission slings originated from form Magpul Dynamics (now Magpul Core) instructor, Travis Haley. Travis Haley is a long time member of the special operations community and has extensive experience in combat operations. With his tremendous experience, Travis was able to develop the concept for the multi-mission sling, a sling that is capable of single or two-point configurations with rugged and functional hardware.



The main features of the MS3 Gen 2 sling is that it is able to be easily and rapidly converted between single point and two-point configurations. The sling is equipped with dual Magpul ParaClips. These clips allow you to easily attach your sling to your rifle that has paraclip compatible hooks. The hooks are very durable and allow for a wide range of movement so that your sling does not get bound up. If you use an AR-15, the Magpul ASAP end plate is the perfect rear attachment point for this sling. When the MS3 sling is combined with the ASAP end plate, that enables easy should to shoulder transitions with its wide arc of motion.



The Main upgrade from the original MS3 sling to the Gen 2 MS3 is the slider. The slider used in this Gen 2 MS3 sling is a new, low profile design. The slider is unlike other slider in that it was specifically designed to not have a loop. This helps to decrease the likelihood of snagging your link of another piece of gear. The slider allows allows for very quick and secure one handed adjustments.



Magpul uses a very durable and stout 1.25” wide nylon webbing for this sling The webbing is wear resistance and also has anti-chaffing properties to enhance user comfort. The nylon webbing has also undergone a Near Infrared treatment. This helps to reduce IR signature.

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