Magpul MS3 Gen-2 Paraclip Multi Mission 1 or 2 Point Sling Black MAG514-BLK

Magpul MS3 Gen-2 Paraclip Multi Mission 1 or 2 Point Sling Black MAG514-BLK

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The Magpul MS3 Sling was developed by the instructors of Magpul Dynamics/Core. It was engineered to be extremely versatile and modular to solve many of the problems with traditional slings.  The MS3 utilizes unique ParaClips to quickly and easily attach to your rifle and these clips also give the MS3 sling its modularity and rapid configurability.


Made for Rugged Environments

The MS3 sling was born in the harsh Magpul Carbine courses lead by form Magpul instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa.  This sling has been thoroughly tested so that ever potential weak point has been found and reinforced.  The MS3 utilizes a 1.25” nylon webbing.  This webbing is extremely strong and is also wear resistant.  The nylon webbing has also been specially formulated to remain chaff resistant for enhanced user comfort.  The ParaClips, which are used to attach the sling to your rifle are extremely resilient.  The clips are case hardened and finished with a ferritic nitrocarburizing process.  This has the effect of increasing resistance to wear and corrosion, giving you a longer service life out of your sling. 



The ParaClip of the MS3 sling is designed to work with the Magpul ASAP AR-15 end plate.  This End plate is optimized for ambidextrous usage and enables efficient shoulder to shoulder transition in single point mode.  Additionally, the rear ParaClip will also work with the SGA receiver sling mount from Magpul.  The rear Paraclip will also work with several other snap-hook style sling loops.


The front ParaClip is optimized for usage with the Magpul RSA, MSA and forward sling mount.  It will also function with several snap-hook style sling loops.  This gives you the ability to run this sling in 2-point mode.



This sling has a low profile adjustment slider.  This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the tension on your sling in 2-point mode with a single hand.  Compared to previous generations of Magpul slings, the new MS3 Gen 2 sling has more webbing.  This increased length of the webbing allows for a more comfortable fit for a wide range of body types and body armor configurations. 



One of the major benefits of the MS3 sling is its modularity.  This Magpul sling can be configured to either a sling point or 2-point setup.  Due to the integrated clip ring in the sling, the sling is able to clip onto itself.  This give you the ability to run with a single point configuration.



For enhanced reliability, the Magpul ParaClips Features a cross-bolt lock bar.  This gives the the option to lock the ParaClip closed for extra confidence and security. 


Another capability of the ParaClips is that they have a symmetrical construction.  This allows you to easily orient yourself to the clip and easily transition or operate the quick release for emergencies.  

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