Magpul SR25/DPMS/Larue OBR .308/7.62x51mm 10 Round Magazine Black (MAG290-BLK)

Magpul SR25/DPMS/Larue OBR .308/7.62x51mm 10 Round Magazine Black (MAG290-BLK)

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Features of the Magpul PMAG 10LR

  • Polymer body for weight savings and superior crush resistance

  • Optimized for .308 Winchesters / 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition
  • 10 round capacity (no pins, rivets, or limiters required)
  • Constant curve geometry to aide in smooth feeding and increased reliability.
  • Anti-tilt proprietary self-lubricating, high-reliability follower.
  • Low profile to allow for shooting in difficult areas
  • Included multi-use dust cover to protect from debris and impact.
  • Corrosion resistant high-quality stainless steel spring
  • Compatible with Armalite AR-10A, Bushmaster .308 ORC, Colt LE901-16S, CORE Rifle Systems CORE30, DPMS LR308, JP Enterprises LRP-07, KAC SR25, LaRue OBR, Les Baer .308, LMT .308 MWS, LWRCI REPR, Mega Arms MATEN, POF P-308, Remington R-25, Ruger SR-762, S&W M&P10, SIG716, and others
  • NOT compatible with Armalite AR-10B, Noveske N6, Springfield Armory M1A, Rock River Arms LAR8, FN SCAR 17S, PTR-91, HK417 or any other rifles that utilize M14, FN FAL, or HK 91/G3 patterned magazines


The 10 round Magpul PMAG 7.62 magazine is perfect for those looking for a low-profile or possibly hunter friendly option.  Also, if you happen to live in a ban state, this magazine is the one you have been looking for.  No pins, rivets or limiters necessary.  This true, 10 round capacity magazine is legal in all 50 states.  

True to the rest of Magpul M3 PMAG product line, this PMAG is a high quality magazine with plenty of features.  The polymer body of this magazine is extremely robust, offering excellent durability and crush resistance.  The polymer also allows the weight to be kept to a minimum, thereby decreasing shooter fatigue from having to carry un-necessary weight.  Also with other Magpul M3 PMAGs, this 7.62 PMAG features an easy to remove base plate making for simple disassembly for care and maintenance.  

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