Magpul QDM Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel (MAG543)

Magpul QDM Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel (MAG543)

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The Magpul QDM is an updated version of the traditional quick disconnect sling swivel mounts.  As Magpul is always on the cutting edge of the market, they have found ways to improve upon even the most innocuous of components to give the user and enhanced experience that leaves you thinking that this update should have been done long ago.  The Magpul QDM is a drop in replacement for your now outdated QD sling swivels. 


Upgraded Capabilities

The Magpul QDM is designed as the next evolution of the standard QD sling swivel.  The main differences between this sling swivel and a stand one are many.  The QDM is very low profile, additionally, the QDM allows for easy one-handed operation with it’s dual side release tabs.  One handed operation is a task normally found difficult with standard QD sling swivels.  The QDM also offer a high-strength. This bale rotates freely and helps to more efficiently direct your sling webbing.  This helps to prevent excessive tangling of your sling.


Magpul Quality

Like all Magpul product, the QDM was designed and manufactured so that it would be able to withstand hard use.  The single swivel is made from steel to ensure that it is durable enough to harsh environment.  To allow for extreme resistance to wear and corrosion, the steel has been finished with Melonite. 



The Magpul QDM quick disconnect sling swivel is designed as an upgrade to your stand QD swivels.  The QDM will fit into all of the standard QD sockets that a normal QD sling swivel would fit into.


The Magpul QDM has a sling loop that accepts sling webbing up to 1.25” wide.  This is the standard size sling webbing used by most nylon base rifle slings, including the Magpul MS1 sling

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