Magpul M3 Ranger Plate For M3 PMAG .223/5.56x45mm (3-Pack) MAG561

Magpul M3 Ranger Plate For M3 PMAG .223/5.56x45mm (3-Pack) MAG561

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Magpul Is Known For Bringing Very Innovative Products To The Table.  The Magpul Ranger Plates Are An Excellent Enhancement To You M3 PMAGs.  The Range Plates Allow You To Quickly And Easily Extract Your Magazines While Retaining Good Control To Facilitate Reloading.



Magpul was founded in 1999 and started with a single product.  This product was the MAG001, which is a magazine pulling device, hence the name Magpul.  The initial Magpul was a versatile design that allowed for it to be easily slipped on and off your various magazines.  This M3 Ranger Plate is a evolution to this design.  The Ranger Plate offers a more permanent solution in that it replaces the floor plate on your PMAGs.  The grip loop is also more rigid, allow it to be in a more predictable place when you grab for it to reload your carbine.



Magpul makes several different versions of the Ranger Plates.  Since the Ranger Plates replace the floor plate on your PMAG, they can only remain compatible with magazines with corresponding base plates.  The Ranger Plates offered for sale here are designed to fit Magpul M3 PMAGs in .223/5.56x45mm.  These will NOT for M2 PAMGs, 7.61x51mm PMAGs, the EMAG or the 30G MagLevel PMAG.



The primary purpose of the Magpul Ranger Plates is to make magazine changes easier, particularly in stressful situations.  The extended loop that these Ranger Plates provide gives you an easy to grab handle.  This handle has several benefits to help make your magazine changes faster and easier.  The loop allows for easier location of your magazines, so that you can find them by feel during a stressful situation.  Additionally, the extended loop gives you something to grab onto so that it is easier to extract your magazines, particularly from chest mounted mag pouches.  The added gripping surface gives you a much better handle to allow you to be more consistent and direct with your magazine changes.

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