Magpul Sand PMAG 40-Round AR-15 Polymer Magazine (MAG233-SND)

Magpul Sand PMAG 40-Round AR-15 Polymer Magazine (MAG233-SND)

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If the regular PMAG 30 just doesn’t get the job done for you and you want that little something extra, You’ll be interested in the PMAG 40 Gen M3.  It’s got all the same great features and reliability as the PMAG 30, but with the added bonus of having 10 extra rounds at your disposal!


Sand Color

This Magpul M3 PMAG comes in their new sand coloration.  This is new color is more than just a simple variance, there are several beneficial aspects that it bring forth.  The new sand coloration in the Magpul PMAGs was actually brought about as somewhat of an accident.  During normal development, the team at Magpul as evaluating new polymer formulations to see if they could improve upon their already outstanding product.  They came across a particular polymer that was significantly stronger and could withstand several drops right on the feedlips without damage.  This material also happened to be rather light in color.  There is a particular reason why this coloration is rather light.  Although it does blend in well in desert and sandy type environments, the benefits reach even farther.  The polymer used is also very receptive to dyes, such as the commonly available Rit Dye.  Come with the light sandy color, this means that you can easily customize your PMAGs by dyeing them in whatever color pattern you choose to use.



This PMAG 40 has the new Gen M3 PMAG upgrades.  This includes an increased compatibility with several firearms.  The M3 PMAG is optimized for the colt-spec AR-15/M4 family of rifles.  However, this magazine can be used in several other firearms as well.  This increased compatibility is due to a change in the internal and external geometry.  These alterations has results in the M3 PMAGs being compatible with the HK 417/MR556/M27, the British SA-80, FN SCAR 16, as well as countless other firearms. 


High-Reliability Internals

Although the durable and rugged exterior of the PMAGs is extremely impressive, the internals of the Magpul PMAGs is also very well thought out.  The PMAG 40 Gen M3 uses a stainless steel spring.  This spring provides a firm and constant upward pressure to ensure smooth feeding and high reliability.  Stainless steel has a long spring life and is also corrosion resistant.  The PMAG also contains a polymer follower.  The proprietary follower used in the sand PMAG 40 has an anti-tilt design.  This anti-tilt design increases reliability in that it prevents the follower from binding within the magazine body.  The polymer construction also makes for self-lubricating properties.


Added Protection

One feature not see in previous PMAG generations is the addition over an over-insertion stock.  On the rear spine of the magazine, you will find a little nub.  This added material is designed to stop the magazine from being inserted too far into to magwell, which would cause a malfunction.  Although this is not a common issue for AR-15’s or other rifles, Magpul has made provisions to see that it is not a concern at all.



Magpul has incorporated an easy way to mark your magazines into the new M3 PMAG design.  At the bottom portion of the magazine body, Magpul has integrated their new Paint Pen Matrix.  This matrix provides the space and an easy may to cleanly mark your magazines for easy identification.  This will easily allow you to number your mags, if you like to rotate them.  Or this is an easy way to differentiate your magazines from others so that you do not loose your new PMAGs.


Dust Cover

This Gen M3 PMAG includes an impact/dust cover.  This dust cover can easily and rapidly e popped on and off of your magazine.  This cover is designed to help keep debris from entering your magazine when in long term storage, our out in the field.  Additionally, this cover can also provide protection against impact during transportation.  


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