Magpul Storage Type Restricted STR Carbine Stock Mil-Spec Gray MAG470-GRY

Magpul Storage Type Restricted STR Carbine Stock Mil-Spec Gray MAG470-GRY

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The Magpul Storage Type Restricted AR-15 Carbine Stock is designed as a fully featured drop-in replacement stock.  This stock is adjustable, comfortable to shoot, has battery storage compartments and is built tough enough to last through hard use.  If you are looking for a fully capable AR-15 stock, the Magpul STR won’t disappoint.



The Magpul STR storage stock is designed to be a drop-in replacement for your standard AR-15 carbine stock.  This stock will easily slip on to an AR-15 receiver extension tube (buffer tube) that is mil-spec in diameter.  This stock is NOT compatible with commercial spec receiver extension tubes.  If you are uncertain as to the diameter of your buffer/receiver extension tube, please verify prior to order to ensure that you receive the product that you need.  We do have the commercial-spec diameter STR stock available, if you need it.



The STR stock is based on the Magpul CTR carbine stock.  If you look at the two stocks side by side, you will quickly note the resemblance.  The main difference between the CTR and the STR is that that the STR stock has twin battery storage tubes along either side of the stock.  One of the design characteristics shared between the two stock is the A-frame design.  The A-frame is an excellent choice for a stock design, as it affords the stock several advantages.  The lower pillar of the stock frame helps to protect the release latch from impact.  In addition to this, the lower pillar also helps to prevent the stock from snagging onto equipment or other obstacles during manipulations & maneuvers.



As with all Magpul products, this stock was designed to be as rugged as possible.  The advantages of the A-frame design were discussed above and the elements devoted to improving durable do not stock there.  The materials used in is stock allow it to be very resilient.  The Magpul STR is primarily composed of reinforced polymer.  The polymer used in this stock is impact and corrosion resistant.  In addition to this, the polymer also has the advantage of being light weight and cost effective, allowing you to get this stock at a great, low price!  To ensure that this stock gives you a long life, Magpul also also used premium springs. Chrome silicon springs are used in the locking mechanisms.  This helps to ensure that your stock will give you a long, reliable service life and will perform like new time and time again.



The standout feature of the Magpul STR stock is its storage capability.  This stock has twin battery storage tubes.  The tubes are able to store up to two (2) CR123A lithium batteries, or two (2) AA batteries in each tube.  These storage tubes are capped off by a rubber plug.  The plugs provide a water tight seal to protect your stored items from the elements.  The plugs are located at the rear of the stock.  This location allows you to access the storage items even with the stock fully collapsed. 



The Storage Type Restricted AR-15 stock is very comfortable to shoot.  One of the reasons for this is because of the battery storage tubes.  The battery storage tubes allow that stock to extend out to the sides slightly.  This makes for a large sloping cheek weld surface.  This surface gives the shooter a large, comfortable contact surface to form a cheek weld on.

One of the other comfort features incorporated into this stock is the included rubber butt pad.  This Magpul stock package includes a removable rubber butt pad.  This pad main accomplished two things.  First, this pad helps to create a slip resistant surface.  This helps to keep the stock firmly attached to your shoulder during firing and other manipulations to prevent accidental slippage.  In addition to this, the butt pad can also increase protection against inadvertent impact.


Sling Compatibility

Magpul has taken special consideration to ensure that this stock has several accommodations for slings.  The STR stock package comes with a single Type 1 reversible sling mount.  This sling mount can be mounted to either the left or right side of the stock, depending on user preference.  The Type 1 sling mount allows you attach a sling equipped with a QD sling swivel.  If you are more of a traditionalist and prefer a sling mount that is a little more permanent, Magpul has also thought of you.  The STR stock has two sling loops incorporated into the stock.  These sling loops are located at the rear and bottom portion of the stock.  They are designed to accommodate slings with up to 1.25” webbing. 


Friction Lock

One of the most innovative features found on Magpul stocks is the friction lock.  This lock is designed to make the perfect fit between your stock and the receiver extension/buffer tube.  The friction lock allows you to wedge your stock up against the buffer tube.  This helps to greatly diminish any stock rattle or wobble due to space between the stock and buffer tube.  This gives your rifle a much more solid, quality feel.

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