Magpul STR Stock Mil-Spec Black AR-15 MAG470-BLK

Magpul STR Stock Mil-Spec Black AR-15 MAG470-BLK

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Magpul Black STR Stock Main Features


  • Compatible with Mil-Spec diameter receiver extension/buffer tubes
  • Simple drop in replacement stock for AR-15 rifles and carbines with carbine buffer tubes
  • The STR stock is essential a Magpul CTR with added battery storage tube compartments
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Large, sloping surface for cheek weld area
  • Reinforce A-Frame design allows for decreased snagging and protects vital locking mechanism from impact during drops
  • Durable, light weight polymer construction with reliable chrome silicon spring used in locking mechanism for increased service life
  • Integrated battery storage tubes on both sides of the stock allow for storage of 2 CR123 batteries or 2 AA batteries per tube
  • Battery storage tubes are accessible via rubber storage plugs in the rear of the stock
  • Storage tubes are accessible with stock in fully closed position
  • Rubber plugs of battery storage tube provide water tight seal
  • This stock utilizes Magpul’s friction lock mechanism, which cinches the stock against the buffer tube, thereby decreasing stock wobble and rattle, giving your rifle a much more rigid feeling
  • Comes standard with 0.30 inch rubber but pad, which provides increased shoulder traction and increased shock resistance
  • Features several integrated sling mounting options, including 1.25 in center mounted sling loops for left or right handed users, as well as a reversible Type 1 QD sling swivel mount which will accommodate up to 1.5 inch sling swivels


Overview of The Magpul STR AR-15 stock


The Magpul STR Storage Type Restricted Stock is a replacement carbine stock primarily designed for the AR-15.  As with all Magpul products, it is a top quality part that will give you many years of reliable service. 


The Magpul STR stock is an AR-15 stock with polymer based construction.  Adding to the strength and durability of this stock are it’s a-frame design.  This A-frame design prevents impact damage to the release latch and is also effective at reducing occurrences where your stock may otherwise snag onto a piece of your gear or some other obstacle.  The STR stock includes a 0.30” rubber but pad.  This pad serves dual purposes.  First, this rubber but pad acts to increase the traction of the stock, making sure that the stock stays in place on your shoulder when you are firing.  Secondly, this pad can act as a shock absorber, should your rifle be dropped, it will absorb some of the impact.


The Magpul STR has an extremely strong.  This is evidence by a drop test conducted by an independent reviewer.  The STR was able to sustain 14 drops before sustaining catastrophic damage.  The Magpul STR received the second highest rating in the testing, only being beaten out by the Magpul UBR.


The most notable feature of the STR AR-15 stock is that is has twin battery storage tubes on either side of the stock.  Each one of these storage tube is capable of storing two CR123 batteries.  A watertight rubber plug protects the tubes.  The plugs are in the rear, ensuring that the batteries can be accessed regardless of what position the stock is in, whether it be fully extended or fully collapsed. 


Similar to other AR-15 stock offered by Magpul, the STR stock has multiple sling attachment options.  This stock has a 1.25” sling loop located at the bottom/rear of the stock.  Additionally, the STR has a reversible sling mount.  At the rear on the stock, on either side, there is a position to mount a QD sling cup.


The friction lock that Magpul incorporated into this stock really helps it give it that quality, well-built feel.  The friction lock acts to squeeze the stock against the receiver extension tube.  This essentially makes for a tight fit between the two and virtually eliminates stock wobble and rattle. 

For technical details and warranty information, please contact Magpul.

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