Magpul Windowed PMAG 30 Gen M3 .223/5.56x45mm AR-15 Magazine (MAG556-BLK)

Magpul Windowed PMAG 30 Gen M3 .223/5.56x45mm AR-15 Magazine (MAG556-BLK)

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Rated 5.00 out of 5

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Key Features of the Magpul Windowed PMAG 30 M3

  • Next Generation AR-15/M16/M4 standard capacity 30 round magazine
  • Transparent Maglevel viewing window to visually confirm status of ammunition
  • Enhanced strength and durability over M2 PMAG
  • Optimized for AR-15/M4 weapon system platforms
  • Modified internal and external geometry for great cross compatibility with other rifles (HK 416, SCAR 16, SA-80, etc.)
  • Easy, tool-less disassembly for maintenance and cleaning
  • Redesigned bolt catch notch for additional clearance
  • Overt ravel stop to prevent magazine over-insertion
  • Paint pen identification marking matrix
  • High reliability anti-tilt follower with self-lubricating properties
  • Mil-Spec stainless steel corrosion resistant spring
  • Slim line floor plate for easy magazine stacking
  • Included dust and impact cover for ammunition protection

Overview of the Magpul PMAG M3 window

The Magpul PMAG is simply the gold standard for AR-15 magazines.  The Magpul PMAG Generation M3 continues this traditions and enhances the capabilities of the battle proven and thoroughly tested M2 PMAG.  The M3 PMAG brings with it a long list of features that make this AR-15 magazine stand out amongst the crowd.  For a more detailed discussion, check out our blog post, comparing the M2 Vs. M3 PMAG.

Starting with the basic, the Magpul MAG556-BLK Magpul PMAG AR-15 Magazine is a 30 round, polymer construction magazine primarily developed to be compatible with the AR-15 chambered in .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO.  Differing from the MAG557-BLK Magpul PMAG, the MAG556-BLK features a viewing window allowing the user to directly visualize ammunition status.  The M3 PMAG stays true to it’s heritage and brings forth a great value, legendary reliability and unmatched durability.

The M3 brings with it a host of new features and updated when compared to the older M2 PMAG.  For instances, the M3 PMAG now has great compatibility due to new geometry.  This allows the M3 PMAGs to work in a wider variety of firearms, including the Heckler & Koch 416 and M27, as well as the FN SCAR, and the British bullpup, SA-80.  Focusing on the rear portion of the magazine, you will notice increased clearance for the bolt catch, as well as an over-travel stop.  The over-travel stop ensures that, no matter how hard a magazine is inserted, it will not be able to bypass the magazine latch to be over-inserted into the mag well.  Hence, this results in an increase in the already boringly reliable PMAG.

Making our way into the innards of the magazine, you will of course find more quality components.  A corrosion resistance stainless steel spring is used, as well as a four-way anti-tilt follow to ensure reliable and consistent feeding.  At the bottom of the magazine, you will find a redesigned base place.  The new base plate on the M3 PMAGs is slimmer, allowing you to stack these AR-15 magazines in a 2 or 3 deep mag pouch without having to worry about the larger, M2 base plate stacking on each other, causing the magazines to protrude farther than necessary.  The disassembly of the M3 is very similar to that of the M2, requiring only the tip of a 5.56 bullet to depress the locking plate and disassemble the magazines for cleaning/maintenance.  Although, the M3 magazine pulls off from the rear, while the M2 PMAG base plate was removed from the front.

The M3 Magpul PMAG comes standard with a Dust/Impact cover.  This cover is pretty handy to keep debris from getting into your magazines if you are storing them long term or taking them out into the field.  The impact/dust covers are no longer supplied with the M2 PMAGs, although, they can be purchased separately at an additional cost.

The M3 PMAG also makes marking your magazines easy with its Marking Matrix.  If you don’t put some identifying mark on your magazines, you should.  If you ever go to a busy range or a training class, magazines get mixed up all the time and putting your mark on your magazine is a simply way to make sure that you leave with all the gear that you came with.


Here is a quick run down of the many features found on the M3 PMAG..

  • Update polymer formula with increases strength
  • Altered geometry for greater compatibility with non ‘STANAG 4179’ platforms
  • Constant-curve internal geometry for enhanced reliability
  • 4-Way Anti-tilt, self-lubricating Magpul follower for smoother feeding
  • Long life, corrosion resistant stainless steel spring with black-oxide coating
  • MagLevel anti-glare windows on both sides of the body to check ammunition status
  • Over-travel insertion stop on rear of magazine
  • Textured gripping surface for enhanced magazine manipulation
  • Paint pen friendly dot matrix Identification panels
  • Streamlined floor-plate
  • Easy O/Off Dust cover for debris and impact protection

This product is also restricted in the States of California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, and may be restricted in other local jurisdictions. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of and abide by all applicable local laws. Please refer to the following link for further information:
State Restrictions on Magazines, Chemical Sprays and Stun Guns 

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Outstanding magazines

    I bought two of these about a year ago. My previous experience has only been with regular steel GI mags, and I have to say that the difference between the two is nothing short of astonishing. First, the build quality and fit and finish is simply amazing. The followers don’t bind up and rock back and forth like they do on the GI mags. These are easier to grip, feed flawlessly going in and out, and really look nice. I have had no jams thus far with these mags, and being able to see how many rounds you have left is nice, but I’m not sure if for me it was worth the extra 30% in price. I’ll be going with the non-windowed version next time, but only because I really don’t need the window, not because of any issue with the magazine itself.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using PMag M2’s for a long time and have yet to have any failures, so I decided to give the M3’s a try because I just obtained a Tavor. The M3’s work just as well if not better than the previous versions!

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