MagTech MEN M193 Ammo 5.56x45mm 55-Grain 510-Round Case

MagTech MEN M193 Ammo 5.56x45mm 55-Grain 510-Round Case


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If you are looking for a bulk supply of quality ammunition, this lot of M193 is perfect!  The 5.56x45mm ammunition will run smoothly in your AR-15 and is perfectly suited for many purposes.  The ammunition comes in a case of 510-rounds.  Best of all, this case of ammo ships all at our low flat cost shipping rate!  Buy as many cases as you need and it all ships at one low shipping price for your entire order!


This ammunition is NATO compliant and has been battle proven.  The 5.56x45mm loading is topped off with a 55-grain projectile.  The projectile has a lead core with a copper full metal jacket.  This projectile arrangement prevents barrel leading due to the jacketed lead core.  The 55-grain projectile is appropriate for a wide range of barrel twist rates, including those found in common AR-15 barrels. 


This round uses a brass base.  The brass casing is annealed.  The annealing process can lead a discoloration around the neck and shoulder of the casing.  This discoloration is normal and is part of the manufacturing process.  The anneal process helps to ensure reliability of the round and helps to prevent cracking of the mouth and neck of the case during firing. 


The M193 ammunition uses a boxer primer.  A small rifle primer is used with a single, centrally located flash hole. This makes the primer easy to remove after firing, should you need to do so for reloading purposes.

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