Wilson Combat 10-Round 1911 45 ACP Stainless Magazine (47T)

Wilson Combat 10-Round 1911 45 ACP Stainless Magazine (47T)

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Wilson Combat has been making 1911 and 1911 magazines for several years. One of the reasons why they are able to stay in business for so long is due to their innovative designs, use of high quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. These magazines are so advanced that Wilson Combat even advertises that this magazine will increase the reliability of all 1911 pistols!


Magazine Body

The Main body of the Wilson Combat 1911 magazine is formed from aircraft grade certified stainless. Stainless steel was chosen as the desired material for the magazine body due to its immense durability and corrosion resistance. The stainless steel magazine tube walls are 0.027” thick. This is the thickest magazine wall in the industry. These thick magazine walls help to ensure that the magazine will be sturdy, durable and able to withstand hard use. To further enhance the strength of the stainless steel, the steel is put through a heat treating process. This process helps to ensure maximum durability and service life.



The follower is a vital component of any magazine. The Follower transmits the upward pressure of the magazine spring to the cartridges so that they can be smoothly fed up into your pistol. The follower used in the Wilson 10-Round 1911 magazine is made from fiber filled nylon. This material has self lubricating properties that helps to ensure high reliability by reducing the chance of your follower snagging or binding in the mag tube.


Magazine Spring

With reliability at the forefront of designing this 10-round 1911 magazine, Wilson Combat knew that they needed to use a heavy duty spring. While using a heavy, high tensile strength spring can make the magazine more difficult to load, the benefits far outweigh any of the possible negatives. The heavy duty spring will give you a long, reliable service life. You will also get enhanced feeding of the bullets into your pistol and a heavy duty spring will also help to ensure reliable slide stop operation.   


Over-Insertion Stop

The Wilson 1911 10-Round magazine has an integrated over-travel insertion stop. This is seen as a little bump near the bottom end of the magazine. As the name implies, the function of this feature is to prevent the magazine from being inserted past the magazine catch, which can cause a malfunction. While this feature may seem nominal, it will essentially eliminate the possibility of one type of malfunction.

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