Midwest Industries 15″ G3 K-Series AR-15 KeyMod Handguard (MI-G3K15)

Midwest Industries 15″ G3 K-Series AR-15 KeyMod Handguard (MI-G3K15)

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The Midwest G3 K-Series AR-15 Handguard is a seven sized KeyMod rail system designed for the AR-15. This handguard allows you to mount any KeyMod compatible accessory exactly where you want it. It has a free floating design and is made to be able to withstand hard use.



The Midwest G3 K-Series KeyMod rail is designed to be able to withstand hard use. The rail system is a single piece design. The ensure optimal rigidity and reduces the possible failure points, resulting in a very robust handguard. The Handguard mounts to the barrel nut only and does not interfere with the barrel. This design allows for the rail to be free floating. By free floating the barrel, your AR-15 will be better able to reach its maximum accuracy potential.

The Midwest KeyMod handguard is precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. This is a very high grade aluminum that is known for its reduced weight and high tensile strength. The aluminum construction of this rail system helps to ensure that it will be able to stand up to the challenge. For increase corrosion and wear resistance, the aluminum is finished with a hard coat anodizing.



The installation procedure for this rail system is extremely easy and straightforward. The handguard utilizes a proprietary barrel nut, which is included in the package, along with a compatible barrel nut wrench adapter.



The G3 K-Series rail is extremely light in weight, with this 15” extended length rail weighing only 10.3 ounces, including the barrel nut. Midwest was able to save weight with some innovative design features. The KeyMod Accessory mounting slots help to remove a substantial amount of weight. The KeyMod system is a negative space mounting system, where you actually remove material in order to form the mounting platform. This is in contrast to the picatinny rails where you needed to add material. In addition to the KeyMod slots, the gas tube channel also features lightening cuts to remove excessive material and lighten the weight of the handguard even further.


Super Slim

The MI KeyMod Handguard has a 1.5” outside diameter. This slim external diameter allows the shooter to get more of his or her hand around the handguard. This creates a more positive grip and helps to improve control of the AR-15 as well as confidence. Midwest Industries was able to accomplish this slim profile by using the KeyMod system. The KeyMod negative space mounting slots allows for this rail to remain slim and smooth while also giving you the modularity to attach KeyMod compatible accessories.



One of the most uniques features of the G3 K-Series KeyMod rail is that is features seven sides of KeyMod slots. A full length section of KeyMod slots is located at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position, as well as all of the 45 degree offset positions. This gives you a tremendous amount of versatility in where you can mount your KeyMod compatible parts. This package also includes a five slot keymod section of picatinny railing. This allows you to still mount your picatinny accessories to your new KeyMod rail.


Sling Integration

One of the very convenient features of this AR-15 KeyMod rail is that is has 5 built-in QD sling swivel cups. These QD cups are located at the front and rear part of the 3 and 9 o’clock rail section. The rail also have a QD cup at the 6 o’clock section on the front of the rail. These QD cups are also anti-rotational, which helps to prevent your sling from becoming tangled.



The G3 K-Series rail was designed to be as comfortable as possible. The KeyMod slots allow the rail to be thin and also much smoother when compared to the older picatinny quad rails. The team and Midwest Industries also took the time to fully dehorn the surfaces of this handguard to make it non-abrasive and comfortable in your hand.


Frequently asked Questions


What rifle is this handguard compatible with?

This handguard is designed to be installed onto any standard AR-15 upper receiver. If you receiver does not have standard dimensions, such as a billet machined upper, we would recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your upper to determine if this handguard will be compatible with your application. Additionally, this handguard is designed to direct impingement AR-15’s only. This handgaurd is not for use with gas piston AR-15 rifles. This handguard also must be used in conjunction with a low profile gas block



What is included with this package?

In addition to the rail, the package also includes a barrel nut, wrench adapter, as well as a KeyMod picatinny adapter.


Will this work with an AR-10 or other .308 caliber AR type rifle?

No, this handguard is designed to be used on AR-15 upper receivers.



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