Midwest Industries 15″ Gen 2 SS-Series AR-15 Railed Modular Hand Guard Black MI-SS15G2

Midwest Industries 15″ Gen 2 SS-Series AR-15 Railed Modular Hand Guard Black MI-SS15G2


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Key Features of the Midwest Ind Gen2 SS-Series 15” HandGuard

  • The hand guard system allows your barrel to be free floated.  This means that the only contact point with the barrel is the barrel nut.  This can have a positive affect on accuracy, as non-free floating hand guards can cause a slight degree of barrel deflection or interfere with barrel harmonics, thereby decreasing the accuracy potential of the rifle.  By not allowing the hand guard to touch the barrel, you can negate those potentially negative affects from occurring.
  • This hand guard has a full length, Picatinny rail at the 12 o’clock position.  This full-time-permanent Picatinny rail allows for an excellent mounting point for your front sight, optics, laser designator, or any other rail mounted accessory.  The rail provides a continuous surface, that extends from the upper receiver. 
  • This rail system is easy to mount and includes several handy items to make installation easier.  Included with the package is a proprietary barrel nut, as well as a corresponding barrel nut wrench.  By including these items with your purchase you avoid having to spend extra money on necessary items. 
  • The Midwest Industries Gen2 SS-Series are modular hand guard for your AR-15.  What this means is that you have the ability to mount sections of Picatinny rail (included) where you need them, instead of having a traditional quad rail.  The advantages of this are many.  By removing the full time quad rails, you allow the hand guard to have a much more ergonomic feel to it.  The hand guard becomes much slimmer (1.5” external diameter for this rail), lighter and less abrasive to hold onto.
  • At 10.9oz, including the barrel nut, this rail system is extremely lightweight.  Due to it’s modular design, which removes much of the traditional full length Picatinny rails, the hand guard was able to shave a bunch of weight.  Additionally, several lightening cuts were made on the hand guard to reduce excess weight.  These lightening cuts also serve as venting holes, as they allow for air to freely flow around the barrel and gas tube, helping to cool these areas.


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