Midwest Industries Gen 2 SS Series AR-15 Hand Guard Black 12″ MI-SS12G2

Midwest Industries Gen 2 SS Series AR-15 Hand Guard Black 12″ MI-SS12G2


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Overview of the Midwest Industries Gen2 SS-Series AR-15 HandGuard

  • The Generation 2 SS-Series AR-15 Hand Guard from Midwest Industries is one of their most popular AR-15 accessories.  This modular rail system has a super slim diameter, light weight design and several hand features


Comfortable to shoot

  • The SS in the SS-Series stands for super slim.  This AR-15 rail system has a 1.5” outside diameter.  This slim profile makes this hand guard extremely comfortable to hold on to, even for shooter with smaller hands. By allowing for a smaller diameter, shooters are able to wrap more of their had around the rail, giving them more control of the rifle when shooting and increasing shooter confidence.
  • This rail system is also comfortable to shoot due to it’s light weight design.  The 12” Midwest SS-Series handguard weighs in at just 9.3 ounces, including the barrel nut.   Having a lightweight hand guard is extremely important.  Since the handguard is in the front of the rifle, added weight is quickly noticed, as the further out the weight is, the more of a mechanical advantage it has against you.  Seeing this, the engineers at Midwest Industries made sure to keep the Gen 2 SS-Series rail as light as possible.  As you can plainly see in the design, this AR-15 rail system has several lightening cuts to reduce weight.  Also, this rail is modular, allow you to add or remove sections of Picatinny rail, where necessary to keep weight to a minimum and only add weight when you need to.
  • The Gen2 SS-series rails have been fully finished in that they are dehorned to provide you with a non-abrasive, comfortable hand guard to hold on to.



  • The Midwest Gen 2 SS-Series is designed to work on standard AR-15 upper receivers.  The package comes with a proprietary barrel nut, as well as a barrel nut wrench to make for easy installation.  Please note that Midwest Industries advises that some minor gunsmithing may be required for installation.


Additional Features

  • This AR-15 handguard system is fully modular, allowing you to add included Picatinny rail sections, where you need them.  The package includes (3) 2.5” Picatinny rail sections to allow you to attach your Picatinny mounted accessories to your rail system.  One of there included Picatinny rail sections has an integrated QD sling swivel socket.  This QD socket has anti-rotation capability, preventing your sling from becoming tangled.  

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